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Arabic Parts In Astrology

Arabic Parts In Astrology - A Lost Key To Prediction, The. ZOLLER Robert $14.95  Explains how karma can be understood through the Arabic Parts & the esoteric nature of number. Illustrates the practical use of the parts in natal, horary, & mundane astrology.

Karmic Astrology, Vol. III (Part Of Fortune). SCHULMAN Martin  $7.95  Schulman covers the part of fortune in the 12 signs & houses. Throughout the text, he shows how the laws of karma are related to this most mysterious & vital point in the horoscope.



Aspects In Astrology

Aspects And Personality. HAMAKER-ZONDAG Karen  $14.95  An intensive psychological study of the aspects made by planets in natal horoscopes including effects of major & minor aspects, orbs, applying & separating aspects and much more.

Aspects At A Glance EPSTEIN Ruth $5.95  Includes oppositions, squares, trines, sextiles, quincunx, conjunctions, semi-sextile, semi-square.

Aspects Between Signs. M1323-024 MASON Sophia  $7.95  A guide to interpreting aspects in terms of the signs involved, rather than the planets or points aspected. Includes comprehensive delineations.

Aspects Magnified. K1262-034 KOPARKER Mohan  $5.95  All major, minor & many unknown aspects delineated. How to use the aspect in a wider chart analyses is included. Over 40 different aspects are studied in this text.

Aspects To Horoscope Angles. JAYNE Vivia $9.95  Author discusses aspects to the Angles, i.e., the Ascendant, Midheaven and the Vertex. Example charts.

Astrological Aspects, The. C1034-014 CARTER C.E.O.  $13.95  This book is considered one of the classics on aspect delineation & found on the desks of professional astrologers around the world.

Astrological Aspects. RUDHYAR Dane  $14.00  A cyclic & holistic approach to aspects including chapters on retrogradation, rectangular & triangular aspect patterns, seeing the horoscope intuitively as a whole, yods, and much more.

Astrological Aspects: Your Inner Dialogues. AVERY Jeanne  $20.95  Through examples of aspects in charts of well-known people, Avery shows us ho different individuals manage, or mismanage both conflicting & complementary energies.

Birth Pattern Psychology. VAN PELT Tamise $14.95  Presents a new method of personality assessment. Using holistic philosophy & principles, author has developed a means to coordinate the astrological data of a chart with a patterned measurement base.

Cardinal Cross: An X-Ray Of The Soul. D1054-014 DAVIDSON William  $6.95  An esoteric explanation of the link between astrology & the so-called Seven Rays, equating angular cardinal signs in the birth chart with high spiritual consciousness.

Celestial Psychology: An Astrological Guide To Growth & Transformation. HEBEL Doris  $9.95  Aspects to the outer planets are explored to show how the nature of particular planets defines negative & positive influences in the birthchart.

Do-It-Yourself Aspect Book, The. H2647-014 HUGHES E. $9.95  An in-depth discussion of the finer points involved in astrological aspects, with special attention given to orb of influence & type of aspect.

Dynamics Of Aspect Analysis. TIERNEY Bil  $13.95  In-depth treatment of aspects & aspect patterns, including both major & minor configurations.

Engine Of Destiny. R1402-014 ROBERTSON Marc  $12.95  Interprets aspects as eight-phase cycles, & provides sample readings of these cycles in relation to planetary pairs. An excellent book.

Everything Has A Phase. G2585-014 GREBNER Bernice P. $14.95  Delineations of Sun & Moon sign combinations classified according to the eight basic lunar phases.

Interpreting The Aspects. JANSKY Robert  $9.50  A textbook in 9 lessions, introducing the novice to midpoints, oppositions, squares, the Grand Cross, trines, sextiles, quincunxes, yods, conjunctions & fanhandles. Excellent.  RE-PRINTING

Lunation Cycle, The: A Key To The Understanding Of The Personality. RUDHYAR Dane  $16.95  Explains the use of the lunation cycle as a dynamic pattern of relationship. Covers Sun & Moon in the cycle, part of fortune & spirit, planets, progressed lunation cycle and more.

Minor Aspects, The. SAKOIAN & ACKER$5.95  Suggests a pattern for interpreting minor aspects; e.g. the quintile, septile, vigintile, nonagon, etc. The authors describe these aspects as very important if in close orb.

Moon Mansions. KOPARKAR Mohan  $6.95  Dividing the zodiac into 27 equal parts, based on daily lunar movement, is used to get a wider spectrum of chart delineation. Key words for all mansions are given.

Phases Of The Moon: A Guide To Evolving Human Nature. B2644-014 BUSTEED & WERGIN $16.95  Defines cycles & phases, discusses phase relationship to time & concentrates on the round of 28 phases. Excellent - a must for the serious student.

Planetary Aspects: Making Your Stressful Aspects Work For You. MARKS Tracy $12.95  This book explores opposing signs & houses & how to synthesize them; the meaning of the T-Square; how transits & progressions activate a T-Square & what a T-Square means in chart comparison.

Planets In Aspect: Understanding Your Inner Dynamics. PELLETIER Robert  $19.95  Discussion of every major aspect, including inconjuncts. This is an excellent reference for beginning students because it presents an interpretation of the aspect combinations.

Quintiles And Tredeciles: The Geometry Of The Goddess. BUNKER Dusty  $12.95  Exploration of the little-known 72 & 108 degree aspects that explains their cosmic significance in the individual chart.

Tables For Aspect Research. VAIL & POTTENGER $12.00  Observed geocentric planetary angular separations, 1900-1999. A useful tool for the professional astrologer to check impressions about aspect patterns in client charts.

That Inconjunct Quincunx. S1431-024 SAKOIAN Frances  $5.95  A simple guide to interpreting quincunx aspects between the major planets, with a complete set of delineations.

Understanding Aspects - The Inconjunct. EPSTEIN Alan  $12.95  provides an in-depth analysis of the two inconjunct aspects, the quintile and the semisextile. One of best books on this important aspect.

Yod, The - Your Special Life Purpose. DEE Miss $11.00  The Yod, mathematically two inconjuncts connected by a sextile, can reveal an individual's special life purpose.

Yod: Its Esoteric Meaning, The. (Temp Out of Print) KELLOGG Joan  $9.95  When activated, the Y shape symbolizes an esoteric tuning form, vibrating like the chakras to heighten & rebalance the spiritual energy.




Asteroid Ephemeris, The: 1883 - 1999, Ceres, Pallas, Juno & Vesta. DOBYNS Zipporah  $18.95  Daily longitudes & declinations. Text material on philosophical issues, astronomical information, mythological background & psychological principles.

Asteroid Goddesses. GEORGE Demetra  $21.95  Mythology, psychology & astrology of the reemerging feminine. The four asteroid through the signs, houses & aspects to other planets & asteroids. Themes of the 12 minor asteroids are discussed.

Asteroids In Midpoints. D2291-014 DONATH Emma B. $14.95  

Asteroids In Synastry. D1080-024 DONATH Emma B. $11.95  A guide to interpreting the meaning of Ceres, Pallus, Juno & Vesta in chart comparisons & composite horoscopes. Techniques for 6 different types of synastry are given in this book.

Asteroids In The Birth Chart. (Revised) D1079-014 DONATH Emma B. $12.95  Vesta, Juno, Pallas, Athena & Ceres are defined by sign, house & mythological background. Ephemeris of asteroid positions included.

Asteroids In The U.S.A. Chart. DONATH Emma B. $11.95  Reports the author's findings on the asteroid in the birth chart of 44 U.S. Vice Presidents & other important U.S. national charts. Retrogrades & out-of-bound delineations effects of asteroids.

Mechanics Of The Future: Asteroids. LANG-WESCOTT Martha  $22.95  Find the detail in natal and predictive charts with 40 asteroids. Includes many interpretations.

Personal Name Asteroids PRESS Nona Gwynn $4.00  This book was created as a guide to interpreting the meanings of the personal name asteroids in the horoscope. Complete with alphabetical listing.

Sinister Ladies Of Mystery - The Dark Asteroids Of Earth. GEORGE & PARKER $17.00  Known as the dark moons by astrologers, the affect of each one is detailed for each of the twelve houses. An ephemeris is included.

Ultimate Asteroid Book. LEHMAN, PH.D J. Lee $18.95  An in-depth study of the asteroids & their effect on relationship analysis. The book is divided in four parts: Motivations; Mythology, Sex, Passion & Intimacy; & Mundane, Theme & Variations.



Astrological References, Dictionaries & Thesaurus

Astrological Keywords. HALL  Manly P. $15.95  The keyword system is the most efficient means by which a student can analyze the implications of a horoscope with depth of understanding & breadth of appreciation.

Book Of Rulerships, The: Keywords From Classical Astrology. LEHMAN Dr. J. Lee $19.95  A systematic source for determining the classical rulership for something, this reference is an adjunct for anyone practicing classical sytle horary, or wishing to add classical methods to natal work.

Dictionary Of Astrology - Astrological Concepts, Techniques & Theories. WEDECK H.E.  $8.95  

Key Words For Astrology. BANZHAF & HAEBLER $16.95  Excellent instruction manual for beginning students provides a firm foundation in tradtional astrological terms and interpretation. Easy to use format. A must of astrological reference.

Keywords. GRELL Paul R. $7.95  A generous keyword list for planets, signs, elements, qualities & houses.

New Dictionary Of Astrology SEPHARIAL $15.00  All technical & abstruse terms used in the text books of the science are intimately explained & illustrated. Everything from Abacission to Zuriel.


Counseling Techniques In Astrology

Astrological Counseling: The Path To Self-Actualization. MCEVERS Joan (Editor) $14.95  10 top astrologers share their counseling techniques, each addressing the subject of counseling based on his or her particular practice.

Communicating The Horoscope. TYL Noel (Editor) $12.00  Help your clients reach personal fulfillment through thoughtful counseling. Learn the critical factors crucial to successful analysis from 9 contributing authors.

Complete Guide To Establishing A Professional Astrological Practice. LARSON & ROGERS $4.95  Comprehensive guide to the practical things you need to know if you are contemplating becoming a professional astrologer, and expect to be able to make a living.

Consulting Astrologer's Guidebook, The. CUNNINGHAM Donna  $14.95  Author clearly describes the different aspects of an astrological practice - from establishing a clientele, to advertising, to how to actually prepare for & deal with a client one on one.

Counseling Manual In Astrology. J2425-014 JONES Marc Edmund $17.95  Interpret charts using planetary patterns with 22 example celebrity charts readings.

Practice And Profession Of Astrology, The. ARROYO Stephen $7.95  This volume thoroughly covers all the crucial philosophical, scientific, ethical, social, & professional issues related to modern astrology, often in a challenging & controversial way.

Synthesis And Counseling In Astrology: The Professional Manual. TYL Noel $29.95  Discussion of complex topics is grounded in concrete examples & extraordinary in-depth analysis of 122 horoscopes of celebrities, historical figures & privateclients.



Astrological Data

Accurate World Horoscopes. DOANE Doris Chase $31.95  Here is a valuable tool for astrologers working with mundane events or current affairs. Contains the United Nations horoscope, & charts for 173 countries & territories around the world.

American Presidents And Their Wives. FLACK Rudy & Diane $12.95  Astrological horoscopes of U.S. Presidents and their wives with commentary.

Astro-Data II. RODDEN Lois $29.95  Formerly titled The American Book of Charts. Over 300 charts are included in this excellent reference book for astrologers and students alike.

Astro-Data III. (Reprinting) RODDEN Lois $25.95  Over 400 computer calculated charts, as well as birth data & planet positions for an additional 300. Invaluable reference for students & teachers alike.

Astro-Data IV. RODDEN Lois $36.95  This volume contains data of artists & musicians, designers & architects, authors & poets, dancers & singers. Contains 400 charts & 350 additional data. No data has appeared in prior books.

Astro-Data V - Profiles Of Crime. RODDEN Lois M. $36.95  Contains 735 data of criminals, 200 cases with charts & 435 cases with planet positions listed, with a total of over 2,000 timed events.

Astrology - 30 Years Research. DOANE Doris C. $15.95  Church of Light research into lots of Astrological principles with case histories, glossary.

British Royalty Horoscopes. FLACK Rudy & Diane $6.95  A succession of rulers of England & Scotland from 802 to the present day.

Circle Book Of Charts.  ERLEWINE Michael  $19.95  A collection of 1302 natal or solar charts of contemporary & historical celebrities, plus several mundane charts.

Horoscopes Of U.S. States And Cities. DODSON Carolyn  $18.95  An invaluable tool for students or professionals. Where is your best state or city?

Horoscopes Reveal Personalities. DOANE Doris  $20.95  Birth dates for many stars, in addition to the charts of many public personalities.

International Horoscopes, Vol. II. MALEC Glenn C. $16.95  More horoscopes, including Algeria, Central African Republic, Guyana, Iceland, Mozambique, Netherlands and more.

International Horoscopes: Volume I. MALEC Glenn $17.00  This excellent book on mundane astrology studies the birth charts of over 70 nations.

Profiles Of Women - Astro-Data 1 RODDEN Lois M. $46.95 Finally back in Print. A rich storehouse of famous individual's charts.

Stars Over England. PENFIELD, Marc $11.95  Collection of charts of famous people & events of English history with delineation.

United States Wheel Of Destiny, The. S1469-014 STONE Diana  $6.95  Must reading for the mundane astrologer, this is a detailed discourse on the U.S. chart & the country's history & future. Includes several U.S. charts & one for the U.S.S.R.



Astrological Tools & Ephemerides

American Atlas, The. SHANK Thomas $39.95  US latitudes, longitudes, time changes and time zones. The most complete reference book of its kind. A must for all astrologers.

American Book Of Tables. MICHELSEN Neil  $12.95  Placidian house tables, diurnal motion tables, log tables, time tables, etc.

American Ephemeris 1901-1930. MICHELSEN Neil  $14.95  Midnight only.

American Ephemeris 1931-1980. MICHELSEN Neil  $29.95  Includes a Book of Tables, plus instructions for calculating charts. Midnight only.

American Ephemeris 1981-1990. MICHELSEN Neil  $9.95  Companion softcover volume to original American Ephemeris 1931-1980.

American Ephemeris 1991-2000. MICHELSEN Neil  $12.95  Companion softcover volume to American Ephemeris 1931-1980

American Ephemeris 2001-2010. MICHELSEN Neil  $12.95  

American Ephemeris For 20th Century, Midnight. MICHELSEN Neil  $21.95  Revised fifth edition includes Jet Propulsion Lab positions, 101 years including the year 2000 and it is calculated for GMT not ephemeris time.

American Ephemeris For 20th Century, Noon. MICHELSEN Neil $21.95  This revised edition includes Jet Propulsion Lab positions, 101 years including the year 2000 and it is calculated for GMT not ephemeris time.

American Ephemeris For 21st Century 2001-2050, Midnight. MICHELSEN Neil  $18.95  A 50 year version in the ephemerides series. Contains the latest data from the Jet Propulsion Lab for the most accurate calculations available. Midnight only.

American Ephemeris For The 21st Century 2001 To 2050 At Noon, The. MICHELSEN Neil F. $18.95  Ephemeris 2001 to 2050 - Noon.

American Heliocentric Ephemeris, The. MICHELSEN Neil $34.95  Midnight only.

American Heliocentric Ephemeris, The. - 2001 - 2050 MICHELSEN Neil $29.95  

American Midpoint Ephemeris 1996-2000, The. PETERS Gerald $15.95  Midpoints between all planets plus the nodal axis 1996-2000.

American Sidereal Ephemeris, The. MICHELSEN Neil $29.95  Midnight only.

American Sidereal Ephemeris, The. (2001 - 2025) MICHELSEN Neil $29.95  

Aspect Finder. C2052-064 AFA $6.95  An excellent tool for visually calculating both major & minor aspects.

Astrology Journal. AMBER LOTUS $9.95  The Journal is intended for the use both by novice & seasoned astrologers alike. It provides a convenient place to record natal & synastry charts as well as planetary transits.

Campanus Tables Of Houses. A2005-054 AFA $12.95  Calculated to 66 degree North or South Latitude.

Computers And Astrology - A Universal User's Guide And Reference. FOREMAN Patricia  $19.95  Four references in one, this book includes: options available for casting charts; a software comparison methodology; an astrological dictionary; time zones & changes for over 1000 cities.

Dalton's Tables Of Houses. D2010--54 DALTON Joseph  $10.95  Placidus system.

Doane's 1986-1990 World Wide Time Change Update. DOANE Doris C. $8.95  

Ephemeris Of Moon's True Nodes With Gmt & The Planetary Nodes 1900-2020. JONES J. Allen $10.95  Ephemeris of Moon & Planetary Nodes 1900-2020.

How To Obtain Your Birth Certificate. ROWLAND Edna  $16.95  Written to make it easier to obtain your birth certificate without the usual red tape. Includes necessary request forms, fees necessary, rules & regulations and much, much more.

International Atlas, The. SHANKS Thomas $39.95  This incredible volume contains latitudes, longitudes, time changes & zone information for the entire world, excepting the United States. A must for any astrologer.

Koch Book Of Tables, The. MICHELSEN Neil $12.95  Includes Koch tables of houses, time tables, interpolation tables, plus complete instructions for casting a natal horoscope.

Koch Tables Of Houses. A2006-054 AFA $15.95  Latitudes to 66 degrees North & South.

Longitudes And Latitudes In The U.S.A. DERNAY Eugene $11.95  City, county, longitude, latitude, LMT variation from standard time, time difference between LMT & GMT. A reference book for chart calculation.

Longitudes And Latitudes Throughout The World. DERNAY Eugene $11.95  City, county, longitude, latitude, LMT variation from standard time, time difference between LMT & GMT. A reference book for chart calculation.

Magi Society Ephemeris (1950 Thru 1999) With Declinations & Midpoints. MAGI SOCIETY $30.00  In addition to longitudes & declinations, it also includes positions of the 20 most important longitudinal & declinational midpoints & lists midpoint crossings to all the planets.

Midpoint Ephemeris 1991 - 1995. ACS $9.95  This 5 year ephemeris allows readers to almost effortlessly calculate transiting midpoints. One simply notes the day a midpoint aspects a natal planet & refers to the appropriate listing.

New International Ephemeris 1900 - 2050 (Midnight).  $29.95  150 year ephemeris calculated for Terestrial Dynamical Time at 0 hour; true & mean Black Moon & Nodes daily; solar & lunar eclipses & moon phases; exact direct/retrograde station times & more.

Placidus Table Of Houses. A2007-054 AFA $14.95  Latitudes to 66 degrees North & South.

Planetary Hours Tables JUST US & ASSOCIATES $7.95  

Regiomontanus Table Of Houses, The JUST US & ASSOCIATES $18.95  

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1880-1889. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $10.50  Noon Ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1890-1899. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $10.50  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-1909. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $10.50  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-2000 (Midnight), The. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $40.95  Complete ephemeris with Declinations.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1910-1919. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $10.50  Noon Ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1920-1929. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $10.50  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1930-1939. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $15.95  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1940-1949. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $15.95  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1950-1959. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $15.95  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1950-2000 (Midnight), The. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $23.95  Complete ephemeris with Declinations.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1960-1969. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $15.95  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1970-1979. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $15.95  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1980-1989. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $15.95  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1990-1999. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $15.95  Noon ephemeris.

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 2000-2009. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $19.95  Noon ephemeris

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 2000-2100 (Noon), The. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP $40.95  One hundred years complete ephemeris for noon.

Table Of Midheavens And Ascendants. GRANT Ernest  $10.95  

Tables Of Diurnal Planetary Motion. AFA $10.95  Tables for the calculation of the daily motion of the planets. A reference book.

Tables Of Events For Correction Of Birth Time & For Prognostication. EBERTIN Reinhold  $6.95  Tables for the correction of birth time & for prognostication. Contains explanation of the tables of events for cosmobiology, how to work with the correction disc, & tables of solar arc.

Tables Of Planetary Phenomena. MICHELSEN Neil F. $29.95  Tables are provided for planetary ingresses (501 BC thru AD 2100), eclipse data (1700 thru 2050), perihelions & aphelions (1700 thru 2050), aspects between outer planets and much, much more.

Time Changes In Canada And Mexico. DOANE Doris Chase $10.95  The time changes that have been recorded plus a listing of problem time areas. A reference book.

Time Changes In The U.S.A. DOANE Doris Chase $12.95  The time changes in the various states & counties, as well as a discussion of problem areas. A reference book.

Time Changes In The World. DOANE Doris Chanse $12.95  The time changes in the world, exclusive of the U.S., Canada & Mexico. Problemareas discussed. A reference book.

Transpluto. EBERTIN Reinhold  $3.95  Graphic epheride of Transpluto 1878 - 1987.

World Ephemeris For The 20th Century (Midnight). PARA RESEARCH $19.95  Includes the longitudes of the Sun, Moon & planets once every 24 hours for 101years, Sun's position accurate to second of arc, the Moon's mean node & 9 planetpositions given to minute of arc.

World Ephemeris For The 20th Century (Noon). PARA RESEARCH $19.95  Includes longitudes of the Sun, Moon & planets once every 24 hours for 101 yrs. Sun's position accurate to second of arc, the Moon's mean node & 9 planetary positions given to minute of arc.



General Astrology Topics

144 Doors Of The Zodiac, The - The Dwad Technique. ESCOBAR Thyrza  $11.95  

A Beginner's Guide To Practical Astrology ROBSON Vivian E. $17.00  

A To Z Horoscope Maker And Delineator. GEORGE Llewellyn  $14.95  This comprehensive volume has long been used as a basic textbook for astrology students.

Alan Oken's Complete Astrology. OKEN Alan $16.95  A popular contemporary guide to astrology from the personal level to the level of the great World Ages.

Anatomy Of Fate - Astrology & Kabbalah HALEVI Z'Ev Ben Shimon $10.95  Jadaic kaddalah is the secret doctrine underpinning the esoteric traditions of the west, and its Astrological dimension are surveyed through thirty years of research.

Answers In The Sky OMARR Sydney $11.95  Part memoir, part description of the author's fight against censorship of astrology. Includes several short selections on love and relationships through astrology.

Applied Astrology. HONE Margaret E. $10.95  The Keyword System of Interpretation is used, as taught in The Modern Text Book of Astrology, thus leading the student to wider fields of experience.

Archetypes Of The Zodiac. BURT Kathleen  $16.00  Written by a Jungian analyst & mythology expert, this is the most comprehensive book on myths & archetypes of each sign.

Art Of Chart Interpretation, The. MARKS Tracy $9.95  Step-by-step method for analyzing, synthesizing & understanding the birth chart. Also discusses astrology as a counseling tool & the actual counseling process.

Art Of Synthesis, The. LEO Alan $12.95  Study of relationship between planets & consciousness, stressing the esoteric & intuitional approach to astrology. Part of the Alan Leo Astrologer's Library series.

Astro-Geology Of Earthquakes And Volcanos, The. WEBER Lind $25.95  A text on earth movement forecasting that provides an integrated use of astrology & geology.

Astro-Numerology - A New Look At An Ancient Mystic Art. MURRAY Rose $7.95  

Astrologer's Condensed Manual. D2143-034 DAVIS Patrick T. $7.50  This quick reference guide to the basics of personal astrology includes definitions of technical terms, chart calculation instructions, keyword interpretations, etc.

Astrologer's Guide, The - Anima Astrologiae. BONATUS & CARDAN $8.95  Repruduction of an origonal text form 1676 containing ancient views about astrology.

Astrologer's Handbook, The. PARKER Julia $12.00  This book opens the door to understanding behavior, motivations & feelings. Not just a Sun sign book but includes Moon, Rising Sign & the planets.

Astrologer's Handbook, The. SAKOIAN & ACKER $14.00  Classic textbook. Explanation of central concepts, easy instructions for interpretation of natal charts.

Astrologer's Manual, The. GREEN Landis K. $12.95  A literate astrology primer for general readers, explaining the basics of signs houses & aspects.

Astrological Cookbook, The: Your Culinary Guide To Celestial Harmony. BIRKMEIER Rana  $12.95  Author has studied legends & traditions associated with food & astrology & has compiled a collection of recipes for each sign of the Zodiac.

Astrological Dictionary And Self-Reading Horoscope, The. J1230-014 JOHNDRO L. Edward $7.95  

Astrological Essays. HALL Manly P. $4.95  Author looks at infant mortality, marriage, death, suicide & reincarnation.

Astrological Games People Play. ASHMAN Bernie $12.95  Author has identified a numer of possible astrological games & suggested paths for dealing with them. His descriptions are illuminating as well as entertaining.

Astrological Insights Into Personality. LUNDSTED Betty  $14.95  An excellent study of astrological types. Includes discussion of sun signs & aspects, & how both can indicate the influence of early childhood environment on adult personality.

Astrological Insights Into The Spiritual Life. RUDHYAR Dane $10.95  Provides a penetrating, sensitive, poetic & visual insight into the 12 qualities required for the spiritual life, for astrologers & non-astrologers alike.

Astrological Life Scripts: Mythological Archetypes. MUZZIO John  $7.95  Learn a framework for astrology that defines human experiences through mythological archetypes.

Astrological Magick. DANIELS Esttelle  $14.95  Magickal workings are greatly enhanced by Astrological knowledge. In this work, symbolism, language and techniques of Astrology are taught to the student of magick.

Astrological Patterns. S1462-034 SAKOIAN & ACKER $15.95  

Astrological Pioneers Of America. H2830-014 HOLDEN & ROBERT A. HUGHES James H. $18.50  A biographical Dictionary of American astrologers, professionals, teachers, writers & students. Contains 1300 American names & 148 foreign names.

Astrological Psychosynthesis. HUBER Bruno  $18.00  The integration of personality, love & intelligence in the horoscope.

Astrological Research Methods: Volume I - An Isar Anthology. POTTENGER, EDITOR Mark $29.95  The astrological research community has long needed accessible material on how to do research. ISAR decided to tackle the problem by asking people whith expertise to contribute to a collaborative book

Astrological Secrets Of The Hebrew Sages, The. DOBIN Rabbi Joel C. $12.95  Author, equipped with a knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic & the Jewish wisdom traditions, brings this unique expertise to bear in unveiling astrology as practiced by the ancient Hebrews.  RE-PRINTING

Astrological Triptych, An. RUDHYAR Dane $14.00  Extracts from traditional astrology. A great wealth of psychological and spiritual meaning.

Astrology & Consciousness - The Wheel Of Light. OLESKY Rio $14.95  Author talks of the significance of astrology to the nature of human consciousness & spiritual development.

Astrology - How To Make And Read Your Own Horoscope. SEPHARIAL $12.00  The alphabet of the Heavens; the construction of a horoscope; how to read the horoscope; how to calculate future influences, etc.

Astrology - The Classic Guide To Understanding Your Horoscope. DAVIDSON Ronald C. $9.95  This classic work is again back in print with new material explaining how the author's remarkable keyword system for interpreting birth charts can be used even by novice students.

Astrology - The Evidence Of Science. SEYMOUR Percy  $8.95  Dr. Seymour, one of Britain's leading astronomers, advances the theory that the Earth's magnetic field responds to the gravitational pull of the planets.

Astrology Alive!. SCHERMER Barbara  $12.95  Experiential Astrology, astrodrama & the healing arts. Using exercises, rituals meditations, & games, the author shows how astrology is a powerful means of becoming self-aware.

Astrology And Past Lives. DEVLIN Mary $19.95  Examines birth charts fro previous incarnations & shows you how to interpret these charts & compare them to your present one.

Astrology And Reincarnation HALL Manly P. $4.95  Many prominent minds of the past have accepted both reincarnation & astrology, & it is only natural that the two beliefs have much in common.

Astrology And Reincarnation. YOTT Donald H. $9.95  This book is designed to help discover the karmic & reincarnational indicators in the birth chart so that character traits carried over from previous lifetimes can be discerned & reworked.

Astrology And Spiritual Awakening BOGART Gregory C. $19.95  This book demonstrates how astrology illuminates the stages of spiritual growth & awakening.

Astrology And Spiritual Development. CUNNINGHAM Donna  $9.95  Provides tools to channel the urge to transcend ourselves & merge with something greater. Special attention is devoted to Neptune.

Astrology And The Games People Play. GRENDAHL Spencer  $12.95  Using a technique the author calls Tri-Astral Analysis, he feels it will enable you to better understand how to employ astrology in your interactions with your friends, family & co-workers.

Astrology And The Spiritual Path. HUBER Bruno & Louise $12.95  An excellent book for students & professional astrologers who want to work with personal crisis & spiritual evolution through the horoscope.

Astrology Beyond Ego. LYONS Tim $6.95  Table of Contents: Astrology & Personal Wisdom; Astrology as a Symbol System; 12 Signs as States in a Process; Outer Planets & Collective Projections & much, much more.

Astrology For Beginners. HEWITT William W. $9.95  An easy guide to understanding & interpreting your chart. Basic astrology.

Astrology For Initiates: Astrological Secrets Of Western Mystery Tradition. PAPUS $15.95  Translated by J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D, she places Papus in an historical perspective & explains his influence in late 19th & early 20th century France.

Astrology For The Light Side Of The Brain. ROGERS-GALLAGHER Kim  $12.95  A unique & fun book for beginners. Meet Pluto as Darth Vader, Venus in Aries as a flamenco dancer & the Sun as CEO of your horoscope & much more.

Astrology For The Millions. LEWI Grant $12.95  A classic guide to computing accurate horoscopes quickly.

Astrology For The New Age ALLEN Marcus $7.95  Author takes an intuitive approach to astrology.

Astrology For Women. STAR, EDITOR Gloria $9.95  Ten professional women astrologers share their discoveries about the practical ways that astrology can help you arrive at a deeper level of self-awareness.

Astrology For Yourself. BLOCH & GEORGE $24.95  Uses a unique programmed learning text designed to walk you through a step-by-step process of interpreting your own chart.

Astrology In Action. ST. CLAIR John $16.95  Planets, elements, qualities, signs, houses, aspects, decantes, duads, degrees of the Zodiac, dispositors, steps to interpretation, rectification, relocation charts.

Astrology In Action. W2925-033 WRIGHT Paul  $12.95  How astrology works in practice, demonstrated by transits, progressions & major chart themes in famous people's lives.

Astrology In Modern Language. VAUGHAN Richard  $12.95  An in-depth interpretation of the birth chart, focusing on the houses and their ruling planets.

Astrology In The Renaissance - The Zodiac Of Life. GARIN Eugenio $7.95  A useful contribution towards a deeper understanding of the role of astrology & astrological ideas during the period when modern science was beginning to arise.

Astrology Inside Out. NEVIN Bruce $13.95  A combination of astrology & meditation, aimed at helping a student build a self-reliant, intuitive approach to chart interpretation.

Astrology Looks At History. TYL, EDITOR Noel $17.95  Watch 6 expert solve intriguing mysteries in Western history as they use rectification to capture the fascinating lives of geniuses who touched the development of arts, sciences & governmemt.

Astrology Of Childbirth.  DOANE Doris Chase $18.95  Learn steps to assure a successful birth as well as a healthy & happy child. Included are chapters on sex determination, naming the baby, natal & progressed indications and much more.

Astrology Of Choice. ALEXANDER Roy  $7.95  Combining transactional analysis with astrology, students get beyond reading a chart to allow the client to express feelings and fears.

Astrology Of Death, The. HOUCK Richard $21.95  A comprehensive, exhaustively researched text examining in detail the characteristic astrological factors indicating death.

Astrology Of Deep Space.  SEDGWICK Philip  $12.95  Author addresses his ideas to the influences of such phenomena as black holes, solar apex, galactic center, super galactic center, quasars, pulsars, dwarf stars, & many other unknown part of universe.

Astrology Of Dreams. KOCH Beth $17.95  Interprets the symbols that appear in dreams as influenced by astrological factors. Complete with a 25 page dictionary of dream symbol meanings.

Astrology Of Fate, The. GREENE Liz $14.95  Combining an understanding of astrological symbolism & the psychological processes involved in the pursuit of individuality, author shares insights about how the concept of fate evolves.

Astrology Of Identity, The. HAYES Reed $17.95  Presents an analysis of the role astrology plays in determining one's identity. Author asks who am I? as he discusses concepts of Karmic Identity, Hidden Identity, & Androgyny.

Astrology Of Personality, The. RUDHYAR Dane $18.95  The main purpose of astrology is not to predict events in terms of statistical probability, but to bring a message of order & meaning of individual life & struggles-to transform chaos into cosmos.

Astrology Of Self-Discovery, The. MARKS Tracy $13.95  This book goes far beyond the analysis of superficial traits & provides guidance for achieving self-knowledge & self-development giving direction to those struggling with life issues.

Astrology Of The Famed. TYL Noel $19.95  A synthesis of astrological analysis & historical fact that takes you a journey into the past through the lives of Cleopatra, St. Francis, Dracula, da Vinci & Beethoven.

Astrology Of Theosophy, The. WILSON Edward $10.95  An examination of the many links & parallels between astrology & theosophy, explaining such basic concepts as root races, rays, chakras, etc.

Astrology Of Transformation. RUDHYAR Dane  $10.00  Presents a vision of astrology as an alchemical tool for transforming the self. Practical applications are described in terms of the astrologer-client relationship, transits, progressions & more.

Astrology Plus Insight. MCCLUNG K. $10.95  This volume contains detailed information on the Yod, Mercury's role in attracting a mentor-teacher, & an invaluable discussion of the importance of individual planetary sequences.

Astrology Primer For The Millions, An. TOBEY Carl Payne $4.95  How to use astrology as a basis for understanding people, their actions, reactions to widely varying circumstances, & their inner motivations.

Astrology Really Works. The Magi Society $12.95  Authors explore the astrological data of hundreds of successful people & fortuitous events to show the common astrological threads in each personal life & each event.

Astrology's Pew In Church JACOBS Don $12.95  A surprising revelation of astrology's place in religious history, with detailed explanations of scriptural references & the horoscopes of Jesus & David.

Astrology, Alchemy And The Tarot. SANDBACH John $5.95   Using the symbolism of the tarot as a point of focus & its correlation to the signs & planets of astrology, the author shows how each carries within it an ultimate seed for personal transformation.

Astrology, Karma And Transformation. ARROYO Stephen  $13.95  Focuses on the understanding & use of astrology as a tool for spiritual & psychological growth. This approach is based upon the law of karma & the urge towardself-transformation.

Astrology, Psychology And The Four Elements. ARROYO Stephen  $12.00  An energy approach to astrology & its use in the counseling arts. International best-seller translated into eight languages.

Astrology, the Next Step - Complete Horoscope Interpretation. POTTENGER  Maritha  $25.95  Includes sections describing identity, career, relationships, mind, communication, parents, children, values, sexuality, health, karmic lessons, and more.

Astrology, The Sacred Science. HODGSON Joan  $12.95  Esoteric astrology text that deals with the Seven Rays of unfoldment & the planets associated with them.

Astrology: A Cosmic Science. HICKEY Isable M. $14.95  Classic text. This textbook of spiritual astrology demonstrates the interplay of karma, reincarnation & astrology. Includes 80 pages of new material about Pluto not readily available until now.

Astrology: A Key To Personality. MAYO Jeff  $13.95  A book for beginners wanting simple instructions on how to interpret a chart, as well as for old hands seeking fresh perspectives, it offers a unique system of self-discovery.

Astrology: How And Why It Works.  JONES Dr. Marc Edmund $16.95  A complete primer by a past master, at once philosophical & practical. Includes instructions on horoscope calculation & delineations by planet, sign, house, aspect, etc.

Astrology: The Positive Approach. DANIEL John E. $14.95  An encyclopedic look at astrology. Coverage of the signs, planets includes esoteric, kabbalistic; anatomy correlations; power qualities; temperament, disposition, & much, much mores.

Astrology: The Star Connection. BERG Dr. Philip $9.95  Author blazes the kabbalistic trail through the uncharted terraine of astrology cosmos, human space travel, back to the future & human control of our destiny.

Astrology: Worlds Visible And Invisible.  BLACKMAN Everett  $7.95  A fascinating collection of essays on selected astrological topics, including the age-old question of fate & free will, the galactic center & the 500 year historical cycle plus a good deal more.

Aztec Astrology - An Introduction. COLMER Michael  $10.95  Aztec society considered astrology integral to daily life & based it upon a 20-day cycle derived from a complex, two-tier calendar. All human behavior was governed by the characteristics of 20 signs

Basic Astrology Workbook. NEGUS Joan $6.95  A lesson book for students starting their astrological education. Designed to accompany the Basic Astrology textbook but may be used with other texts as well.

Basic Astrology: A Guide For Teachers And Students. NEGUS Joan $9.95  An astrology textbook for beginners, with easy to follow instructions on calculating and interpreting natal horoscopes. Includes homework assignments.

Basic Elements Of Astrology, The.  HUGHES D.B.  $7.95  A clear & concise introduction for the novice, explaining what a horoscope represents & how to interpret basic horoscopic functions-planets, signs & houses.

Beginner's Guide To Astrological Interpretation, A.  LEVINE Joyce  $11.95  Descriptions of the basic concepts of astrology & the influence of planets, houses, aspects, elements, quadruplicities & the ascendant.

Bible Astrology. STOWE Lyman E. $20.00  Partial list of contents: More than one Zodiac; symbols of all religions; origin of the Easter festival; parallels of old testament & truths in Astrology; reincarnation in the Bible; & much more.

Book On How To Pass Afa Exam, The. R2048-024 RYAN Juliann  $11.95  What to study; how to survive; what to expect. Includes directions & examples of all the mathematical techniques required.

Bowl Of Heaven, The. ADAMS Evangeline  $22.00  A reprint of an old classic. Partial contents: my job & how I do it; life & death; the money-makers; some ladies of Venus; astrological marriages; twins & things; am I always right?; & much more.

By Your Lights. J2355-014 JAYNE Vivia  $13.95  Shows the relation of the Sun & Moon to each other in each house.

Cabalah Of Astrology - The Language Of Numbers. EISEN William  $17.95  The English Cabalah is used to prove that the one specific vibration that is tailor-made to fit each & every living person is not only based on his date of birth but also the name on birth certificate

Chart Interpretation Handbook. ARROYO Stephen  $10.95  Shows how to combine the keywords & interpretive phrases in a way that illuminates the meanings of the planets, signs, houses & aspects emphasized in any chart.

Choice Centered Astrology: The Basics. FAIRFIELD Gail  $15.95  Shows you how to utilize astrology to make the most of your life & gives clear examples of in-depth, choice centered interpretations.

Christian Astrology Index. LILLY William $20.00  Over 5000 separate citations for technical terms, things, people, places, animals, plants and trees, rules and examples from his three volume master piece, Christian Astrology.

Christian Astrology, Volume 1 Of 3. LILLY William $20.00  Part one of the famous 17th century study on Astrology. Many references and examples makes this part of a great three volume series on traditional astrology.

Christian Astrology, Volume 2 Of 3 LILLY William $30.00  Part two of the famous 17th century study on Astrology. Many references and examples makes this part of a great three volume series on traditional astrology.

Christian Astrology, Volume 3 Of 3. LILLY William $30.00  Part three of the famous 17th century study on Astrology. Many references and examples makes this part of a great three volume series on traditional astrology.

Classical Astrology For Modern Living - From Ptolemy To Psychology. LEHMAN J. Lee $19.95  

Classical Scientific Astrology. NOONAN George  $16.95  Discusses principles from astrologers of 200 BC - 1600 AD including Aristotle, Ptolemy & others.

Compendium Of Astrology. LINEMAN & POPELKA $24.95  Contains basic information needed to build a horoscope. It provides a step-by-step guide that will lead beginning students to in-depth knowledge of principles& calculations.

Complete Book Of Astrological Geomancy, The (Temp Out of Print) SCHWEI P. & R. Pestka $14.95  Geomancy is the ancient art of predicting the future via marks on the earth. This book lifts this earthbound practice into the realms of psychic, mental & spiritual human potential.

Concept Of Cycle In Modern Science, Astrology And I Ching. GRAHAM Charles M. $8.95  This paper was originally prepared as a University research project in the history & methodology of science, bearing the title Historical & Contemporary Foundations of the Study of Cycles.

Contemporary Lectures. HEBEL Doris  $6.00  A compilation of articles on chart interpretation, covering elements, aspects, hemisphere emphasis, retrogrades, stations, parental indicators & case histories.

Cornerstones Of Astrology. SCHWICKERT/WEISS $17.50  A translation of J. B. Morin de Villefrance's 17th Century interpretation guide

Cosmic Astrology, The Religion Of The Stars. WAKEFIELD June  $11.95  An esoteric astrology primer, intended to point out the way of man's journey in life through the ages. Very metaphysical & yet quite readable.

Cosmic Combinations. NEGUS Joan  $12.95  A book full of quizzes to help students develop a command of horoscope interpretation. Includes answers & example charts.

Cosmic Creation Of The Galaxy And Solar Systems.  WAKEFIELD June  $12.95  This very spiritual book blends astrology, cabalistic theory & cosmology all together into one vision of the evolution of life on a universal as well as personal scale.

Cosmic Cybernetics - The Foundation Of A Modern Astrology. LANDSCHEIDT Theodor, Dr. $4.95  An anthology compiled for readers interested in Cosmobiology. It is a summation of some essential concepts the author presented in articles & talks.

Cosmic Harp, The. HELINE Corinne $7.95  This book presents a study of musical compositions that sound the keynotes of each of the 12 zodiacal signs, or the 12 strings of the zodiacal harp.

Cosmic Influences On Human Behavior. GAUQUELIN Dr. Michel $16.95  A comprehensive report on planetary correlations with vocation, personality & heredity as revealed by exhaustive statistical studies.

Cosmic Symbolism. SEPHARIAL $26.00  Meaning & purpose of Occultism; reading of symbols; law of cycles; time factor in Kabalism; involution & evolution; planetary numbers, sounds, hours; law of vibration; & much more.

Cosmic Wisdom Beyond Astrology, The. GILBERT Adrian G. $10.95  This volume covers an enormous wealth of ideas relating to both Man and stars in pursuit of cosmic wisdom.

Creative Astrology: Experiential Understanding Of The Horoscope. JONES Prudence  $12.95  Offers an introduction to this new movement in astrological circles that enables astrologers to take interpretation into their own hands.

Critical Astrology. NOLLE Richard  $7.95  Advocates proper testing of astrology & shows how to do it. Includes the necessary mathematical tables & formulas, with helpful instructions & examples.

Crossroads In Delineation. JAY Delpine G. $15.50  To give you fresh new insights, author discusses the renewal effect of Pluto, triple transits, & eclipses as forecasting tools. Also discusses the mutual reception configuration.

Cycles Of Time - A Rational Explanation For Astrology And Numerology. TATLER John  $10.95  Includes information on the connection between Saturn's orbit & the cycle of economic depressions, between Jupiter's & stock market prices. Also focuses on emotional & personality cycles.

Dancing With The Wheel - The Medicine Wheel Workbook. SUN BEAR $15.00  In this 2nd book devoted to the Medicine Wheel, the vast audience for these teachings will gain increased understanding of how to work with the wheel & will learn its development over last decade.

Dark Stars - Invisible Focal Points In Astrology. (D/C) FITZWALTER & HENRY $15.95  Describes (1) Phaethon - lost planet or binary sun of the solar system whose matter now comprises the asteroid belt; (2) Dark Suns; & (3) Planetary Nodes.

Day Signs - Native American Astrology SCOFIELD Bruce  $11.95  Author has reconstructed the astrology of Aztec & Maya civilizations & made it pertinent to the modern world.

Decanates - A Full View. G1153-014 GREBNER Bernice P. $14.95  Delineations of all 36 decantes are provided in this guide for the intermediate student. Additional topics include dwads, navamsas & a system of individual degree meanings.

Decantes And Dwads. E2568-014 ENNIS Stephanie Jean $9.95  A guide to the practical use of decanates as an aid to horoscope interpretation. Treats the 3 major systems of decanates - Chaldean, Manilius & Oriental.

Declination - The Other Dimension. BOEHRER Kt  $15.95  

Deductive Interpretation Of The Natal Horoscope. MCCORMICK John  $8.50  An insightful manual in chart interpretation, featuring the Ascendant Group as an important key to any horoscope.

Destined For Murder: Profiles Of Six Serial Killers. YOUNG & EDNA ROWLAND Sandra H. $12.95  Profiles of Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Nilsen, John Wayne Gacy, and Ed Gein.

Development Of The Personality, The. GREENE & SASPORTAS $14.95  This 1st volume includes stages of childhood, parental marriage, sub-personalities, & puer & senex. Important book for anyone wanting to combine astrology & psychology in the counseling process.

Digested Astrologer, The. JINNI & JOANNE $6.95  This elementary text explains the basic of astrology, including signs, elements qualities, houses, planets, etc.

Do You Speak Astrology? DONOVAN Don  $12.95  Learn the language of the skies to help understand yourself, your career & your relationships.

Dynamic Astrology - Using Cycles To Make Personal & Career Chioces. TOWNLEY John  $12.95  

Dynamics Of The Unconscious. GREENE & SASPORTAS $15.95  Combining the symbolism of astrology & psychology, the authors show you how to understand depression, the quest for the sublime, the astrology & psychology of aggression & much more.

Dynastry: The Astrology Of Family Dynamics. SULLIVAN Erin  $14.95  This book shows us that astrology is the only system that demonstrates the complexities of the family as an organic whole; the family's place in the collective & the role an individual plays in it.

Earth In The Heavens, The JOHNDRO L. Edward $18.00  A classic reference on the correlation between zodiacal degrees & terrestrial longitude, with tables of Ascendant & Midheaven for 400 major world cities.

East Point And The Antivertex, The. POTTENGER Maritha  $4.00  These 2 angle axes are intersections of the astronomical Great Circles. This booklet gives you interpretations of them in signs, houses & aspect.

Eastern Systems For Western Astrologers ANTHOLOGY $19.95  

Easy Astrology Guide: How To Read Your Horoscope. POTTENGER Martha  $14.95  Complete guide to interpreting your chart. Delineations provided for Sun thru Pluto in each sign, each house & in aspect to one another.

Elements Of Astrology, The. HUNTLEY Janis $8.95  A primer of natal astrology.

Encounter Astrology. POTTENGER Maritha  $8.50  Experiential approach to learning & teaching astrology. Unique collection of activities & exercises to increase self-awareness & help leaders to facilitate groups.

Esoteric Astrology. BAILEY Alice  $20.95  Chapter headings: Zodiac & the Rays; Nature of Esoteric Astrology; Science of Triangles; Sacred & Non-Sacred Planets; 3 Major Constellations; 3 Crosses; & the Rays, Constellations & Planets.

Esoteric Astrology. LEO Alan $16.95  Classic text which explains star maps, how to determine astrologically the age of a soul, chart interpretations in terms of reincarnation & much more.

Essays On Astrology. HAND Robert  $19.95  For both the beginning & advanced astrologer, this collections of articles includes The Ascendant, Midheaven & Vertex in Extreme Latitudes and other hard to find subjects.

Essays On The Foundations Of Astrology. CARTER C.E.O.  $7.50  A collection of 8 essays on the meaning of planets, aspects, traditional exaltations, the problem of house division, sign polarities & more.

Essential Dignities. LEHMAN, PH.D J. Lee $14.95  By researching ancient manuscripts & sources, the ancient system of essential dignities or planetary rulerships is recovered & made available once again to the contemporary astrologer.

Essentials Of Astrological Analysis, The. (Temp Out of Print) JONES Marc Edmund $18.50  Teaches how to interpret the birth chart as a map of one's psychological makeup, with chapters on vocational aptitudes & relationship potentials.

Essentials Of Intermediate Astrology - A Collection Of Essays. WELSH & LAVOIE - EDITORS $25.95  

Evolutionary Astrology: Journey Of The Soul Through States Of Consciousness MERRIMAN Raymond  $25.00  From Table of Contents: Principles & Models of Evolutionary Astrology; Nature of the Incarnating Soul; Potential Blossoming of the Incarnating Soul; Evolutionary Phases of the Collective.

Expanding Astrology's Universe. DOBYNS Zipporah  $12.95  Includes a chapter on the 12 house, a look at mundane charts, locality charts,a look at spirituality, a survey of the different ways people have manifested the potential for power in their charts.

Exploring Consciousness In The Horoscope. TYL Noel (Editor) $12.00  10 fine thinkers in astrology come together to share reflections on the elusive subconsciousness. Contributors include Ed Steinbrecher, Diana Stone, Michael Munkasey, A.T. Mann, & many more.

First Principles Of Astrology. GASTON Wilber  $15.00  Partial list of contents: the signs interpred; the cusps; planetary influences; astrology & heredity; forming the horoscope; index to the characteristics & more.

Foundation Of The Astrological Chart. JACOBSON Ivy Goldstein $15.50  A clear guidebook on calculating several important kinds of horoscopes - the natal, progressed, Johndro, solar return, ingresss & life cycle charts.

Foundations Of Personality. HAMAKER-ZONDAG Karen  $14.95  Combining her 2 books Elements & Crosses & Houses & Personality Development, author explains the basis & structure of the horoscope. Combines astrology with Jungian psychology.

Fourth Sign - A New Image. MUISE Roxana $5.95  A very logical presentation of the Cat as the ruler of Cancer instead of the Crab.

From Fire To Flight. DEE Miss $10.95  This book is about how Pluto uncovers what we are really thinking about ourselves. It is these thoughts which are truly what change & regeneration is all about.

From The Omens Of Babylon: Astrology & Ancient Mesopotamia. BAIGENT Michael  $12.95  Examines the details of Babylonian astrology & religion & shows how many of the mesopotamians' interpretations of their gods' natures have survived in contemporary astrology.

Fundamentals Of Number Significance. JONES Marc Edmund $16.50  Covers the nature & history of Astrology as well as the cabalistic factors.

Galactic Dimension Of Astrology, The: The Sun Is Also A Star. (Reprinting) RUDHYAR Dane $7.95  A deepened understanding of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto can guide us towards experiencing the galactic level of consciousness.

Gambling To Win. PALMER Lynne $14.95  How & why do we win or lose? Is it by chance or do we have some measure of control as to how & why? This is an easy-to-read book of answers to these & many other questions regarding gambling.

Generations And The Outer Planet Cycles. (Temp Out of Print) COZZI Steve  $10.95  This is a fascinating book covering a detailed analysis of the Pluto generations from 1292 to the present & into the year 2115, with special emphasis on the years 1983 to 2005.

Gospel Of The Stars. LEMESURIER Peter  $12.95  An explanation of how our planet goes through a 26,000 year cycle which is divided into twelve divisions.

Great Year, The - Astrology, Millenarianism & History. CAMPION Nicholas  $14.95  Raises important questions concerning the nature and function of political prophecy in the late 20th century. Astrology was held high and then lost it's hold in the 17th century as political prophecy.

Guide To Horoscope Interpretation. JONES Marc Edmund $13.95  Demonstrates how to employ the whole view of a horoscope using planetary patterns. Includes many examples of different types of charts for easy reference. A must for students.

Handbook Of Celtic Astrology, The: 13 Sign Lunar Zodiac Of Ancient Druids. PATERSON Helena  $15.00  Even astrologers may be unaware that the Celts developed & used their own astrological system, which centered around the Moon & the 13 lunar months rather than the Sun.

Heaven & History. CASTELLUCCI Gregg  $19.95  Author takes a penetrating look at the impact of the discoveries of each of the outer planets & Chiron on global history & the continuing historical significance of their cycles.

Heaven Knows What. LEWI Grant $14.95  This book forms an excellent astrological background for the beginner.

Hebrew Astrology. SEPHARIAL $13.00  This reprint of Sepharial's classic work on ancient astrology includes a number of fascinating topics - the Kabala, the Great Year & various cycles of prophecy.

Hidden Messages.  TAYLOR Maxine  $10.95  This book reveals how childhood experiences shape later life & interprets this programming through natal aspects & planetary placements. Built on keen psychological insights.

History And Astrology: Clio & Urania Confer. KITSON Annabella  $16.95  Wide-ranging informative book based on talks given at the annual History of Astrology Seminars held at the Astrological Lodge in London.

History Of The Planets POWELL Robert  $4.00  The roots of Astrology and the mythologies behind the names of the visible planets within our solar system are explored in detail.

Horoscope Of Murder. THOMPSON Doris V. $10.95  An in-depth profile of Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz, illustrating how to apply standard natal, progression & transit techniques. A chilling & instructive case study.

Horoscope Symbols. HAND Robert $24.95  Takes the beginner beyond cookbook interpretations to genuine insight, beyond superficial keywords to the fundamental principles that underlie astrology. A good text for any student.

How To Judge A Nativity. (Reprinting) LEO Alan $12.95  Treats the nativity from an entirely practical level, explaining how to assess the occupations & activities of life in great detail.

How To Learn Astrology. JONES Marc Edmund $13.95  Astrology for the beginner, complete with instructions on horoscope calculation - a classic primer since 1941.

How To Prepare And Pass An Astrologer's Certification Exam.  DOANE Doris Chase $10.95  A helpful study guide for anyone who plans to take one of the exams offered by several astrological organizations, including AFA. Covers all levels of exams.

How To Read Cosmodynes.  DOANE  Doris C. $8.95  This is THE primer on cosmodynes, a system for measuring harmonious or discordant potentials in any horoscope. Easy to follow, with example charts to help the novice along.

How To Transform Your Life With Astrology.  HOLMES Tiffany  $19.95  Discusses how to use your chart to change your negative behavior.

Hymns To The Ancient Gods. HARDING Michael  $14.00  Drawing on a wide range of material, the author suggests that recurring astrological, rather than psychological themes might link us together within the collective.

In Defense Of Astrology: Answers To It's Critics. PARRY Robert  $9.95  Anyone who has experienced the frustration of trying to defend his or her belief in astrology to a non-believer will appreciate the supportive examples, observations & illustrations.

Influence Of The Zodiac Upon Human Life, The. KIRK Eleanor $17.50  Partial contents: the quickening spirit; questions & answers; disease, development; a warning, marriage; the triplicities.

Inner Sky, The - The Dynamic New Astrology For Everyone. FORREST Steven  $14.95  Covers the astrological basics which include the planets, signs, houses and aspects. Defines the basics of astrology & teaches the reader how to be fluent in astrology. One of the best basic books.

Instant Horoscope Reader, The: Planets By Sign, House & Aspect. SKALKA Julia Lupton $14.95  This book was written to provide beginners with a fresh, thorough overview of the natal chart.

Interpret Your Chart. WILSON-LUDLAM Mae R. $14.95  This text interprets the chart using a combination of keywords & key phrases. Sun/Moon combinations, house cusps, aspects. interceptions, progressions, transits, Lilith, retrogrades & much more.

Interpret Your Rays Through The Planets. WILSON-LUDLAM Mae R. $24.50  Explanation of the insights derived by looking at the planets as energizers of the 7 Spiritual Rays underlying cosmic development. Interpretations are given combining all 7 rays with each planet.

Interpreting Astrology: New Techniques & Perspectives.  NOLLE Richard  $13.95  Some topics covered: the Supermoon; a new angle on the angles; esoteric empiricism & additional information on Chiron.

Journey Into Death. DONATH Robert C. $5.50  An introduction to chart rectification using the techniques of the Uranian (Hamburg) school of astrology, illustrated through reference to the horoscope of Bishop James Pike.

Journey Through The Birth Chart, A. WICKENBURG Joanne $7.95  A textbook for beginning & intermediate students, explaining the technique of natal chart interpretation. Delineates signs, planets, houses, aspects, etc.

Kabalistic Astrology. SEPHARIAL $5.95  The Hebraic method of divination by the power of sound, number and planetary influence.

Karmic Astrology, Vol. IV (Karma Of Now). SCHULMAN Martin  $7.95  Taking the planets through the 12 signs, the author shows how to use your planetary energies so you don't have to belabor the past or be unrealistic about the future.

Karmic Journey - The Birthchart, Karma And Reincarnation, The. HALL Judy $13.95  Karmic astrology postulates that we are eternal spiritual beings whose past life patterns can be identified in our birth charts along with the purpose of our new incarnation.

Key To Your Own Nativity, The. LEO Alan $12.95  A complete & comprehensive analysis of all the elements of the horoscope, giving full descriptions of every position in the nativity. Classic traditional astrology.

Let's Read A Horoscope. D3512-014 DOANE Doris Chase $10.50  Basic interpretation textbook. Includes planets, signs, houses, aspects, basic chart synthesis & progressions.

Letters, Essays & Premonitions - An Astrologikal Journal ALLI Antero $9.95  The premise of this book is to incite, in the imagination, a series of tiny riots when using the language of astrology.

Life Challenge Astrology. STRAUSS Richard  $8.95  Written by a clinical psychologist, this book stresses the need for understanding the basic life-challenge that is indicated the karmic factors present in the symbolism of the natal chart.

Life Cycles. ANDERTON Bill  $9.95  A guide to the cycles, phases & patterns of life that everyone experiences.

Literary Zodiac, The. WRIGHT Paul $14.95  Author examines the creative output of about 3000 writers - novelists, poets, dramatists - & demonstrates that there is a consistency of theme among writers of the same sun-sign.

Lively Circle, The. (D/C) KOVAL Barbara $9.95  A thoughtful examination of the proper sphere of astrology & science & the strengths & weaknesses of each.

Lives You Live As Revealed In The Heavens, The. GEORGE Ted $17.95  Contains complete karmic & natal delineations for all of the planets in the signs & houses, & a complete outline of the karmic houses revealing past, present & future lives.

Look At Tomorrow Today, A. CATALADO & PELLETIER $18.95  Through 14 chapters the value of astrology & its influence on human behavior are explored & discussed through text & charts.

Magic Thread, The - Astrological Chart Interpretation Using Depth Psych. IDEMON Richard  $14.95  

Man And The Zodiac. ANRIAS David $5.95  This reprint of a classic 1938 beginner's guide teaches the fundamentals of horoscope delineation & includes sketches of the physical appearance associated with each Rising Sign.

Manual Of Astrology. S2140-034 SEPHARIAL $25.00  A basic astrology textbook, teaching how to calculate & interpret the birth chart. Also introduces rectification & Hindu astrology.

Mechanics Of Free Will, The - The Astrology Of Perception, Reality & Will. LANG-WESCOTT Martha  $22.95  Shows how intermediate to advanced students of astrology can trace in-depth natal & forecast delineations to discover how a person's perceptions predicts the reality.

Medicine Wheel, The: Earth Astrology. SUN BEAR & WABUN $10.00  Discover the particular qualities of the Moon under which you were born, learn about clans, totems, & spirit keepers of the signs.

Message Of Astrology, The. ROBERTS Peter $12.95  This book seeks to explain by what means the planets can conceivably determine the traits & potentialities with which we are born.

Metal-Planet Relationship, The: A Study Of Celestial Influence. KOLLERSTROM Nick  $12.95  In this book the author presents the metal/planet archetypes in the language of chemistry & guides the reader from the prosaic relm of rational science to the qualitative realm of essence & being.

Moon Veils Vulcan And The Sun Veils Neptune, The. ABRAHAM Kurt $10.50  Esoteric astrology concepts of Alice Bailey.

My World Of Astrology. OMARR Sydney  $7.00  General discussion of astrology - its place in society, literature, its influence on Jung, Huxley, Henry Miller. General description of procedures, symbols and planets.

Mysteries Of The Goddess - Astrology, Tarot & The Magical Arts MORGAN Ffiona $13.00  Previously published in part as Wild Witches Don't Get the Blues.

Mystery Of Personal Identity. MAYER Michael  $9.95  A major focus of this book is re-visioning astrology into an astro-poetic language to meet the current need to find an alternative to the medical model of labeling personality.

Mythic Astrology - Archetypal Powers In The Horoscope. GUTTMAN & JOHNSON $17.95  Devoted to the mythological background of each astrological planet & sign, this book illustrates the manner in which mythology serves as a basis for astrological psychology.

Neo-Astrology: A Copernician Revolution. GAUQUELIN Michel  $12.50  Using precise birth records, biographical documents, probability calculus, its application to statistics & psychological process, this book may be pointing toward a new model of the universe.

New Age Astrologer, The. SORIC John $14.95  Learn to calculate the chart, house meanings, influences of the aspects, how to work with the rising sign, influence of Sun, Moon & planets plus how to interpret aspects.

New Age, The. LISTER Johnny $11.95  How entering the Aquarian Age affects you & the world today.

New Insights In Modern Astrology. ARROYO & GREENE Stephen & Liz $12.95  Revised edition of The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures. Topics include chart comparison dynamics, research on relationships, conscious & unconscious in the chart & much, much more.

New Insights Into Astrology. PRESS Nona Gwynn $19.95  Formerly titled Sex is a T-Square. Discusses author's research into asteroids, harmonics, numerology, lunations, solar returns & more.

Night & Day - Planetary Sect In Astrology HAND Robert  $10.95  From Hand's work with the original writings of ancient & medieval astrology, this book deals with the changes that occur in planetary symbolism in night & day charts.

Night Speaks, The: A Meditation On The Astrological Worldview. FORREST Steven  $12.95  Summarizes some relevant astrological research & also looks at the heart & soul of civilization - & of astrology.

Not A Sign In The Sky But A Living Person. ROBERTSON Marc  $6.95  A guide to interpreting lunar phases (as well as aspects in general) & planetary pairs in any given horoscope.

Novacosm: The Original Zodiac MARSHALL Melissa  $4.95  Whereas the modern zodiac has 12 signs, the Novacosm had 13 signs corresponding to the cycles of the moon. Author offers character analysis of those born in each lunar cycle.

Ocellus Lucanus - On The Nature Of The Universe. TAYLOR Thomas  $15.95  Originally printed in 1831. Julius Firmicus Maternus was one of the most famous early astrologers & is second in authority only to Ptolemy of Alexandria.

Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, The. WOOLFOLK Joanna Martine $14.95  A guide to astrology for general readers, this book touches lightly on all the basics. A good general introduction. Includes tables.

Only Way To Learn Astrology, Vol. I. MARCH & MCEVERS $14.95  Basic principles for beginners who wish to learn chart interpretation. A basic home study course in traditional astrology.

Only Way To Learn Astrology, Vol. II. MARCH & MCEVERS $12.95  May & interpretation techniques that take you to the next level.

Only Way To Learn Astrology, Vol. III. MARCH & MCEVERS $12.95  Horoscope analysis that presents refinements of astrological interpretation.

Optimum Child: Developing Your Child's Fullest Potential Through Astrology. STAR Gloria  $9.95  The physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual needs of the child as expressed in his/her chart are explained, as are the opportunities for self-expression& potential developmental crises.

Our Stars Of Destiny. JAVANE Faith  $14.95  In this study the author focuses on one specific advance in Esoteric Astrology - the introduction & study of the Pentacle (Star of Destiny) & the Pentacle Aspects of the Horoscope.

Parker's Astrology. PARKER Derek & Julia $21.95  A combination art book & one volume astrology guide for novices, with instructions & simple delineations to help in casting & interpreting natal charts.

Persephone Is Transpluto. VAUGHAN  Valerie $12.95  Author as put together a rich compendium of the astronomy, astrology & mythology of outer planet Transpluto & its association with goddess Persephone of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Person Centered Astrology. RUDHYAR Dane  $14.00  Lucid & inspiring material on the purpose of astrology in New Age guidance & the difference between an event-oriented approach & a person-centered view.

Phrases And Fragments For Creative Astrologers.  WILSON Edward  $9.95  A collection of descriptions, keywords, & key phrases for many basic astrological functions - such as planets, signs, houses, aspects, eclipses, etc.

Planetarization Of Consciousness, The. (Reprinting) RUDHYAR Dane $9.95  Major philosophica & psychological work, the concentrated outcome of a lifetime of thinking concerning the most basic problems of human existence.

Planetary Planting. RIOTTE Louise  $9.95  An organic gardening guide, written by American Astrology magazine's popular & respected columnist.

Planets Within, The: The Astrological Psychology Of Marsillio Ficino. MOORE Thomas $14.95  With author as guide you will feel at home in the marvelous world of Renaissance Hermetism, its psychological & astrological insights, its music, its madness.

Pocket Guide To Astrology. OKEN Alan $6.95  Small pocket book on the 12 signs & what they mean, the planets & how they affect your life, the houses & their role in your experience.

Positive Benefits Of Astrology.  DOANE Doris Chase $10.95  Some of the interesting topics you will find here are - the accident syndrome, the youthful outlook, what degree is your temper, finding friends in you chart &demonstrating your heart's desire.

Practical Astrologer, The. CAMPION Nicholas  $29.95  A comprehensive manual of all the techniques used in astrological interpretation including: chart calculation, character analysis, prediction, astro-economics, political astrology & more.

Preface To Prenatal Charts, The. JAYNE Charles $9.95  Author describes the whole System of Cosmic Centers & their related epochs; 5 of the 7 Prenatal Epochs & their charts that take place during the year before birth; & much more.

Problem Solving With Freudian Astrology. GREENWOOD Elizabeth  $15.95  As a tool for personality analysis & assessment of potential, the Freud profile is unique in it's comprehensive scope & for facilitating a quick & accurate judgment.

Psychoanalyzing The Twelve Zodiacal Types. HALL Manly P. $4.95  Manly P. Hall looks at the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Quantum Astrology: The Physics Of Metaphysics. LEVINE Rick  $19.95  Author unfolds a matrix of modern-day thought onto a fabric of applied metaphysical mechanics that will fascinate the astrologer & non-astrologer alike.

Raphael's Guide To Astrology. R3251-034 RAPHAEL $15.00  Delineations & simple instructions for calculating & interpreting natal charts & transits are given in this reprint of a classic 1905 astrology primer.

Reach For The Stars SHAVICK Nancy $12.00  A do-it-yourself guide to creating your own personalized astrological chart.

Reconstructing The Real You - Applying Astrology To Family Psychology. COWGER Barry D. $12.95  This book gives a powerful understanding of how we can use astrological principles to reconstruct our own identities by uncovering the truth about our family experiences. Sample charts.

Reflections And Meditations On The Signs Of The Zodiac. HUBER Louise $19.95  New insights into the background of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The spiritual path & crises of transformation of each individual sign. Selected texts for FullMoon meditations.

Reincarnation Through The Zodiac. HODGSON Joan $6.50  Twelve essays on the spiritual lessons facing each Sun-Sign native, prefaced with an introductory essay on the connection between reincarnation & Astrology.

Retrograde Mercury Workbook, The. PUOTINEN C.J. $6.95  

Revised Waite's Compendium Of Natal Astrology. CANDLISH Alan  $9.95  In this revised edition, author has retained the basic structure of Waite's classic work while making major improvements to accuracy & readability.

Rising Zodial Sign, The - Its Meanings And Prognostics. TURNBULL Coulson  $10.00  Each sign of the Zodiac delineated as a rising sign.

Romance Of The Stars LEO Bessie $18.00  Partial list of contents: Mystery of Eunice; gift of the sea; legend of the Edelweiss; the gambler's daughter; saved by a dream; destiny's ebb & flow; the red dwarf.

Sacred Space - A Feminist Vision Of Astrology. HANON Geraldine Hatch $9.95  Author: Whereas astrology provides us with the map of our fullest potential, feminism works to break down the psychological, social, political & economic barriers preventing its realization.

Science & Keys Of Life - Planetary Influences. 7 Volume Set ALVIDAS $99.00  Combines esoterics & practical observations, presenting a detailed overview of Astrology. Originally published at the turn of the century, this series had a significant influence on modern astrology.

Scientific Approach To The Metaphysics Of Astrology, A. L2635-034 LINARES Enrique  $7.95  Describes septenary cycles of the Sun, Moon & Mars, & shows how to use these cycles for predictive purposes.

Secrets From A Stargazer's Notebook. KEMPTON-SMITH Debbi  $5.99  A popular introduction to astrology in contemporary language, suitable for beginners. Very complete & written in a style all its own.  RE-PRINTING

Selected Writings. ADDEY John $10.95  A collection of articles includes the nativity of Jesus, Churchill & more.

Signs Of Time - An Intorduction To Mesoamerican Astrology. SCOFIELD Bruce  $11.95  Author's primary purpose is to acquaint the reader with the Mesoamerican system of astrological symbols & time cycles.

Simpliefied Scientific Astrology. HEINDEL Max  $5.00  A complete textbook on the art of erecting a horoscope. Also included are philosophic encyclopedia & tables of planetary hours.

Solar Epoch - A New Astrological Thesis, The. SEPHARIAL $11.00  Contents: The History of Birth; The Lunar Horoscope; The Solar Horoscope; Directional Influences; Conclusions.

Solar Logos, The - Or Studies In Arcane Mysticism. TURNBULL Coulson  $13.00  Kingdom of the soul, intuition & motion, mystic macrocosm, spirit of the planets, mystical sun & moon, soul in action, spiritual horoscope, health, disease, service, etc.

Soul-Centered Astrology - A Key To Your Expanding Self. OKEN Alan $18.95  Presents a dynamic new way to interpret the horoscope - the first to reveal the souls path to inner enlightenment and outer fulfillment.

Spiral Of Life, The. JINNI & JOANNE $7.95  The natal horoscope is described as a psychological map of the individual in this book, which aims to use astrology as a tool for psychological & spiritual self transformation.

Spiritual Approach To Astrology, A. LOFTHUS Myrna $14.95  A fairly complete astrology primer that explains how to calculate & read the natal & progressed charts, as well as transits. Includes comprehensive delineations for all the fundamentals.

Spiritual Astrology: Your Personal Path To Self-Fulfillment. SPILLER & MCCOY $12.00  Guide to understanding life's higher purpose & finding the key to your personal self-expression, self-worth & emotional security, public achievement, independence & freedom of spirit and much more.

Spiritual, Metaphysical And New Trends In Modern Astrology. MCEVER Joan (Editor) $9.95  Ten astrologers look at all aspects of spiritual & esoteric astrology. Discusses esoteric astrology, the feminine viewpoint, Alice Bailey's insights, black holes & more.

Star Connection, The. BERG Philip $10.95  Out of Print.

Stars - How & Where They Influence, The.  JOHNDRO L. Edward $15.00  A guide to calculating where fixed stars are effective, zodiacally & geographically, with many examples of the stellar impact on natal & mundane horoscopes.

Stars In Your Family, The. FRIEDMAN Sylvia $14.95  Excellent resource for into the workings of family behavior.

Stars Of Destiny. (Temp Out of Print) CRAIG Katherine Taylor $14.00  This reprint of the popular 1916 introduction to astrology for lay readers briefly sketches the history of the cosmic art-science & teaches the basics of calculating & interpreting horoscopes.

Story Of Astrology, The. HALL Manly P. $15.95  This book outlines the historical & philosophical descent of the belief that the influence of the stars is a factor in human progress.

Student's Text-Book Of Astrology, A. ROBSON Vivian E. $18.50  A classic of basic astrology back in print. Partial list of contents: casting the horoscope; character & mind; occupation & position; parents, relatives & home; love & marriage; esoteric astrology.

Studies In New Age Prediction. SORIC John  $9.95  A basic book on signs, houses, planets & aspects. Includes chart calculation.

Study In Astrological Symbology, A.  VAN STONE J. Henry $4.95  A reprint on Pathway of the Soul (1912), this booklet describes the signs & the 7 classical planets through reference to numerous mythical traditions, including Egyptian, Hinduism, & more.

Study In Zodiacal Symbology, A. VAN STONE J. Henry $3.95  This work shows the influence of Buddhism on the symbolism of the signs and planets.

Sun And Moon Polarity In Your Horoscope, The. HUGHES Robert A. $11.95  A basic textbook describing the Sin in the signs as it relates to the Moon in the signs. Lists 144 positions & describes the strengths & weaknesses of the positions.

Sun-Earth-Man: A Mesh Of Cosmic Oscillations. LANDSCHEIDT Theodor  $15.95  This meticulously researched book shows how the planets, solar eruptions & geomagnetic storms correspond to conditions of life & economic cycles.

Symbols For Women: A Feminist Guide To The Zodiac FARRANT Sheila  $13.00  This book examines an earlier, matrilineal system of astrology - drawing on anthropology, mythology & recent archaeological discoveries - to provide a reinterpretation of the 12 zodiacal signs.

Theory Of Celestial Influence, The. COLLIN Rodney $13.95  

Time Out Of Mind. ROBERTSON Marc $8.95  Presents a method for reading previous incarnations from any natal chart, principally through reference to the sign occupied by Saturn.

Timetable Of Life. FIMLAID Louise $17.95  Combines the Prenatal Epoch Chart with natal & progressed charts to show you how to look at the individual & incorporate the whole of life, from conception todeath.

Transpersonal Astrology - Finding The Soul's Purpose. WEINER Errol  $18.95  Author navigates a middle path between the esoteric aspects of astrology & its more popular form, & explores in depth the transpersonal dimensions of both astrology & psychology.

Transpluto Or Should We Call Him Bacchus.  HAWKINS John R. $15.95  The astrology & astronomy of the hypothetical outermost planet are presented, along with a 1750-2000 ephemeris & delineations for Transpluto's meaning in the birth chart.

True Crime Astrology - Famous Murders And Suicides. ROWLAND Edna  $14.95  Sheds light on famous murders and other compelling riddles by examining each homicide or suicide from an astrological point of view.

Truth About Astrology, The. STAR Gloria $2.99  Describes how to locate your own life pattern as the basis for a productive & meaningful life.

Twelve Wings Of The Eagle. SIMMS Maria Kay $12.95  In a light, conversational style, the author traces the spiritual evolution ofwestern civilization through astrology, the precessional ages & a detailed studyof the biblical Gensis.

Understanding Children Through Astrology. DAVIS Samantha A. $16.95  Offers insights into your child's personality, potential talents, possible career directions, communications skills & much more.

Using Astrology.  WILSON-LUDLAM Mae  $16.95  Author discusses such topics as declinations, interceptions, counselling, creating a written horoscope interpretation & more.

What Is Astrology? BENNETT Colin  $12.00  Basic understanding of signs and aspects. Numerology and psychology are shown in relationship to astrology as a useful side aid.

What's A Diurnal? TAYLOR Maxine  $7.95  Explains what a diurnal chart is, as well as how to compute & interpret one. Some 2 dozen case history examples illustrate the usefulness of diurnals for prediction.

Wild Witches Don't Get The Blues. MORGAN Ffiona $14.95  Includes practical rituals, the use of crystals, candle magic, tools for healing & personal tales of experiences in the spirit world.

Wildman, The Earth And The Stars, The. LOREY Daniel E. $13.95  Rather than using the standard 12 houses, Lorey replaces them with a chart divided into the quadrants of the male personality as defined by C.G. Jung.

Wisdom And Way Of Astrology, The. KRIYANANDA Goswami  $17.95  

Write Your Own Horoscope. GOODAVAGE Joseph F. $4.99  A classic beginning book on astrology.

Your Hidden Powers - Intercepted Signs And Retrograde Planets. W3264-014 WICKENBURG Joanne  $16.95  Author shows how retrograde planets & intercepted signs make the chart unique & describes powers & potentials waiting to be unleashed. An excellent book.

Your Magical Child. SIMMS Maria Kay $16.00  This book will help you improve relationship dynamics between yourself & your child - & it can give you greater insight into yourself through considering yourown inner child too.

Your Planetary Personality. OAKLAND Dennis  $24.95  Learn to construct a complete & accurate natal chart. The author leads you through the steps of reading the chart, concentrating on the planets in signs & houses.

Your Sun Sign As A Spiritual Guide. WALTERS J. Donald $9.95  Embracing Indian as well as Western astrology, the author's studies show how sophisticated this ancient science is in its careful delineation of the 12 basic categories of human nature.

Zodiac Experience, The - Initiation Through The 12 Signs. CROWTHER Patricia  $10.95  A discussion of the concept of initiation & leads you through the 12 signs, explaining the various mythologies connected to them; how to bring energy of sign within by using the path of wiccan ritual.

Zodiac Explorer's Handbook, The. HESS Helene $9.95  Hess, herself a psychologist & astrologer, shows how you can learn the fundamentals of astrology & use your own chart as a map to your inner world of the Zodiac.

Zodiac Family, The. PARKER Julia $10.95  A guide to parenting that will keep you a step ahead of your child & should become dog-eared alongside your favorite child care volumes.

Zodiac Symbology - Its Charm, Beauty, And Fascination. JAVANE Faith  $15.95  Presents an invaluable compendium of symbols for each sign of the zodiac, along with explanations of the practical & esoteric significance of those symbols.

Zodiac, Key To Man And The Universe, The. AIVANHOV Omraam Mikhael $8.95  The Zodiac here is dis cussed is the Book of Books in which everything is recorded, & the constellations & planets are the hieroglyphs, the sacred letters which reveal how the world was created.

Zodiac: A Historical Survey POWELL Robert $4.00  This booklet explains the historical origin & development of the 3 different zodiacs that are in use today; astronomical, sidereal & tropical.

Zolar's It's All In The Stars. ZOLAR $12.00  Presents the emotional , mental, and physical characteristics of people born under all 12 signs of the zodiac.

Zolar's Starmates - Astrological Secrets Of Love And Romance. ZOLAR $12.00  Provides a love profile for every sign of the Zodiac: insight and advice on how each sign relates to every other sign.



Astrological Techniques for Chart Calculations

Advanced Math For Astrological Students.  JONES J. Allen $10.95  Many advanced math techniques such as proportioned house cusps, charts near the International Date line, and much more.

Beginner's Guide To Easy Horoscope Contruction, A. LEIPZIG Marwayne $7.95  Practical instructions on computing charts using a noon or midnight ephemeris - includes examples.

Casting The Horoscope. LEO Alan $12.95  A guide to calculating & plotting horoscopes, complete with condensed 1870-1933 ephemeris, house tables & logarithms. Aimed at the novice.

Primer For Natal Chart. H1188-014 HOLIDAY Katie  $13.95  A step-by-step guide to calculating (but not interpreting) the natal horoscope using a midnight ephemeris. Thorough & very easy to understand.

Simplified Step By Step Chart Calculation Instruction. BRATCHER-NELSON/WIGGERS  $12.00  

Spherical Astronomy For Astrologers. N1357-014 NOONAN George  $5.95  Tells the how & why of astronomical math complete with formulas & trig tables.

Tools Of Astrology Houses. LORENZ Donna $3.50  House tables for 9 common systems of house division. Each method of house division is defined, compared & illustrated.

Trutine Of Hermes, The - Calculating & Interpreting The True Ascendant. SCHEPS Niek  $19.95  The author presents a method, derived from ancient Egyptian sources, by which the precise moment of concpetion could be calculated astrologically in order to discover the true Ascendant degree.



Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology. WALTERS Derek  $20.00  Author traces the history of Chinese Astrology from its earliest records to the present & explains the principles on which the art is founded.

Chinese Horoscopes. REID Lori  $6.95  Learn about the 12 animal symbols and what the future holds for you using Chinese astrology.

Chinese Love Signs. SOMERVILLE Neil  $8.00  Author looks at the personalities of each sign, providing insights into how different signs relate to each other & offering a view of how different signs react when in love.

Complete Book Of Chinese Horoscopes, The. REID Lori $19.95  

East West Astrology. REID Lori  $24.95  Provides precise personality profiles & show the reader how to use this incredible knowledge to achieve a life of harmony

Guide To Love. WHITE Suzanne $14.00  Descriptions

Handbook Of Chinese Horoscopes, The. LAU Theodora $15.00  Explanation of the lunar calendar of Chinese astrology. The 12 animal signs, how these combine in relationships, how they relate to Western astrology and much more.

New Astrology, The. WHITE Suzanne $15.95  A unique synthesis of the world's two great astrological systems - Chinese andWestern. Author offers not 12 but 144 signs of the zodiac, each vital to everyone's quest for self-understanding.

New Chinese Astrology, The. WHITE Suzanne $23.95  Author shows you how to better understand your personality through Chinese astrology & better yet - how to control your destiny.

Tung Jen's Chinese Astrology. JEN Tung $9.95  A fine introduction to an ancient and honored system that has illuminated human minds for over 5,000 years.




Chiron And The Healing Journey. REINHART Melanie  $12.95  A psychological & mythological study of the newly-discovered planetoid & its impact on the study of astrology. In-depth case studies & information tables.

Chiron In Houses, Signs And Aspects. POTTENGER Maritha  $4.95  This booklet tells you the mythological background of the name, gives keywords to its meaning & some examples of how it seems to have worked in a few individual charts.

Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between The Inner & Outer Planets. CLOW Barbara Hand $14.95  Describes Chiron in the houses, signs & in aspect to other planets. Chiron can be healer or killer because it rules the next level of awareness that the whole culture is entering.

Chiron: The New Planet In Your Horoscope.  NOLLE Richard  $14.95  An introduction to the astrology of the new planet discovered in 1977 - includes delineations by sign, house & aspect, illustrated with numerous celebrity horoscopes.

View From Chiron - Essence And Application.  (Temp Out of Print) STEIN Zane B. $18.95  These early works on Chiron are now classics, unique world's first studies, reprinted by continuing demand.




Annual Diagram As An Aid In Life, The. EBERTIN Reinhold  $6.95  An explanation of the 45 degree system & the importance of transits. For students of cosmobiology.

Applied Cosmobiology.  EBERTIN Reinhold  $15.50  An introductory textbook on the subject by the authority, explaining the use &interpretation of the 90 degree dial & solar arc directions, the graphic ephemeris & more.

Combination Of Stellar Influences, The. EBERTIN Reinhold  $18.95  Contains, in addition to a short introduction to the method, 1117 examples of combinations for all aspects & midpoints. for serious students & cosmobiologists.

Cosmic Marriage, The.(Temp Out of Print)  EBERTIN Reinhold  $9.95  A textbook on determining maritial compatibility through cosmobiology. Included are midpoint & sign delineations.

Directions. EBERTIN Reinhold  $15.50  A textbook on the system of solar arc directions used in cosmobiology, with many case histories to back up the theories. Explains & delineates midpoints, the annual cosmogram, etc.

Fundamentals Of Cosmobiology. KIMMEL Elenora  $13.95  Instruction for using midpoints and the 90 degree dial with examples ofr illustrations.

Influence Of Pluto On Human Love Life, The. EBERTIN Reinhold  $4.95  How Pluto aspects affect sexual behavior & attitudes. Numerous examples using the Ebertin System of cosmobiology.

Man In The Universe: An Introduction To Cosmobiology. EBERTIN Reinhold  $7.95  Explains methods of casting & interpreting a natal chart with cosmobiology, finding midpoints, structural pictures, interpreting the cosmogram, how to use the45 degree graphic ephemeris.

Midpoint Interpretation Simplified. SAVALAN Karen  $17.95  A guide to the use of midpoints according to the system of cosmobilogy. Tells how to use midpoints to interpret the natal chart as well as make predictions.

Rapid And Reliable Analysis.  EBERTIN Reinhold  $11.50  A guide to the cosmobiology system of forecasting the future through the use of progressions, solar arcs & transits - illustrated with case history examples.



Degree Analysis & Sabian Symbols

360 Degrees Of The Zodiac, The.(Temp Out of Print)  CARELLI Adriano  $12.95  Interpretations for each zodiacal degree, & symbolic images for many of them.

Astrological Mandala, An. RUDHYAR Dane $11.00  An original reformulation of Marc Edmund Jones' Sabian Symbols, expressed as an astrological degree oracle. Includes instructions on using this oracle for divination.

Degree Analysis, Part II. SANDBACH John $5.95  Part II is a further refinement of the nature & meaning of dwadashamsas. In addition, symbols for each degree of the zodiac were provided to the author with specialized meanings.

Degree Analysis: Vol. I. Dwadashamsas. SANDBACH John  $6.95  Book explains the meanings for each 2-1/2 degree segment of the zodiac known as the dwadashamsas. Interpretations are through an ancient method the author attributes to the Chaldean Astrologers.

Degrees Of The Zodiac Magnified.  KOPARKAR Mohan  $7.95  The technique of magnification provides the synthesis of each degree in terms of its contributing influence regarding houses.

Sabian Manual. JONES Marc E. $12.95  Outlines the Sabian Assembly's purpose and rituals in working and counseling with the Sabian symbols.

Sabian Symbols In Astrology, The. JONES Marc Edmund $18.95  Includes the symbolical picture, an interpretation in contemporary psychological significance, a key word, positive & negative influences, the formula to relate it to other symbols, and much more.

Zodiacal Symbology. KOZMINSKY Isidore  $9.95  Each degree of the zodiac is described with its planetary vibration, symbol, &interpretation.. A valuable tool for interpreting natal charts, it's also usefulin horary & other specialties.




Eclipse Interpretation Manual.LINEMAN Rose  $14.95  For the serious astrologer. The eclipse is viewed in relation to the signs & houses, as well as to the aspects to planets & angles. Delineation techniques areclearly explained.

Eclipses - 1865 Through 2000 A.D. AFA $4.50  A table of eclipses 1865 through 2000.

Eclipses And Lunations In Astrology.(Temp Out of Print) BARTOLET Sam  $8.95  Discusses the mundane effect of eclipses in each decanate according to ancient astrology, the influence of new & full moons and lists dates & longitudes of 20th century eclipses & lunations.

Eclipses In Theory And Practice SEPHARIAL $13.00  Explains the astronomical mechanics of solar & lunar eclipses, with tips on interpreting them according to the sign & decante they occupy.

Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts. LINEMAN Rose  $14.95  Interpretational guidelines presented include the significance of solar & lunar eclipse sequences, sign influence, house meanings, aspect emphasis & delineation of eclipse location charts.

Your Prenatal Eclipse LINEMAN Rose $8.95  A look into the effects that the solar eclipse, prior to birth, has upon each individual. Included are natal planet aspects to the prenatal eclipse as well asprogressions & transits.



Electional Astrology

Art Of Forecasting, The. MASON Sophia $8.95  Provides a full deliniation guide to interpret aspects between natal & transitting planets & diurnal charts; events indicated by new, full & quarter Moons, & how to win at games of chance.

Astrology Of Accidents, The. N/A CARTER C.E.O. $4.95  A report on horoscopic factors linked to accidents.

Charting Presidential Elections.  DELONG Sylvia  $15.95  Presenting the author's simple & complete system for clearly determining in advance which party will win the U.S. Presidency in any election. Proven effective

Contest Charts. DOANE Doris C. $8.95  Methods to determine the winner in prize fights, tennis, races, sports, elections, etc.

Introduction To Political Astrology, An. N/A CARTER C.E.O. $6.95  This primer on mundane astrology is of special interest to students of late 19th to early 20th Century European politics.

Profit By Electional Astrology. DOANE Doris Chase $27.95  Explains the many options a person haswhen a serious life change is anticipated. The author also relates the electional chart to the other astrological disciplines in an easy-to-understand manner.

Timing Of Events: Electional Astrology, The. SCOFIELD Bruce $9.95  Detailed directions for timing trips, weddings, starting a business or a new job, gambling, running for public office & more. Step-by-step directions, case histories.

What Are Winning Transits? WEHRMAN Joyce  $3.95  This booklet describes how to maximize the use of Wehrman's Winning techniques.



Financial Astrology & Stock Market Trends

750 Over The Counter Stocks.  MULL Carol S $32.95  Volume containing 750 computer cast natal charts all categorized according to the type of company.

Astro-Economics - A Study Of Astrology And The Business Cycle. WILLIAMS David  $3.00  A seminal work on astrological indicators of the business cycle, illustrating how aspects between planets are connected to economic trends.

Astrology And The Stock Market Forecasting.  MCWHIRTER Louise  $49.95  Astrologer & financial analyst originates scientific theories on stock market forecasting.

Basic Principles of Geo-Cosmic for Financial Market Timing  MERRIMAN Raymond  $15.95  The perfect place to begin a study in financial Astrology.  Written for those interested in market timing as well as those who have little knowledge in astrology.  Excellent information.

Market Cycles MERRIMAN Raymond  $25.00  A comprehensive & easily understandable guide on how to apply the study of cycles to enhance trading & investing in financial markets.

Money - How To Find It With Astrology. RODDEN Lois M. $21.50  The planets, signs & houses of astrology are examined in terms of the commercial life. Included are vocational indicators; where & when optimum opportunities exist & much more.

Money Signs. WADE Elbert $11.95  A popularly-oriented guide to using astrology as a means to understand your financial potential & to make that knowledge work to your benefit.

Planetary Stock Trading MERIDIAN Bill  $50.95  Horoscopes with time & date of first trade for stocks on the New York Stock Exchange & NASDAQ. Demonstrates how to select individual stocks & a no-nonsense evaluation of planetary influence.

Standard And Poor's 500. MULL Carol S. $31.95  Computer generated arranged-by-industry horoscopes of S & P's 500, along with a discussion of methods of obtaining incorporation data, glossary of stock market terms, index. Financial astrology.

Think Astrology & Grow Rich. FARRELL Paul B. $29.95  You'll learn some practical, street-smart solutions from a result-oriented businessman with 25 years of experience.

Winning With Astrology.  NAGLE Evelyn M. $4.95  Presents a system for developing your own personal, unique & proven winning formula for gambling. Uses the natal chart & transits as keys to speculative success.



Fixed Stars

Brady's Book of Fixed Stars BRADY  Bernadette $24.95  This is the newest, most complete book on fixed stars since the publication of Robson's book.  

Fixed Stars & Constellations In Astrology ROBSON Vivian E. $20.00  Partial list of contents: influence of constellations; lunar mansions; fixed stars in natal, mundane, Astro-Meteorology & mediaeval magic; influence of fixed stars; nebule & clusters.

Fixed Stars And Judicial Astrology.  NOONAN George C. Ph.D $17.95  The natures of fixed stars & constellations as known by the classicists are discussed in detail. Methods of delineating are indicated, with special emphasison the applications to judicial astrology.

Fixed Stars And Their Interpretation. EBERTIN-HOFFMAN $11.95  This catalog gives the zodiacal longitudes of 73 major stars & describes their influence when in conjunction.

Power Of Fixed Stars, The. RIGOR Joseph $12.95  Most complete manual on the effects of the fixed stars available. Includes information on orbs, behavioral characteristics, how to delineate a fixed star, chart terminology, & much, much more. 




Astrology Reborn ADDEY John $8.95  A blend of Astrology, philosophy & science using Harmonics.

Divisional Harmonics. I2528-014 ISHIKAWA H.M.  $20.95  The theory of Harmonics enables us to bridge the gap between ancient & modern, Eastern & Western cosmological sciences. This book introduces a next step thru the technique called divisional harmonics

Harmonic Chart Tables. WILLIAMSEN James S. $9.50  A complete set of tables simplifying the calculation of the 2nd to 180th harmonics, with instructions on their use.

Predictive Techniques In Annual Harmonic Charts. HANNAN C. & L. $11.95  Practical guide to using harmonic techniques in both geocentric & heliocentric Astrology.

Heliocentric Astrology

Interpreting Geo-Helio Planets. DAVIS T. Patrick $13.95  This book presents case history findings & statistical research into geo-helio Mars placements. Included are suggested interpretations for Mars by sign & house.

Revolutionizing Astrology With Heliocentric. DAVIS T. Patrick $13.95  A guide to interpreting connections between one's geocentric & heliocentric horoscopes - natal, transit or progressed. Includes aspect delineations & case history examples.

Sun At The Center, The: A Primer On Heliocentric Astrology. SEDGWICK Philip  $12.95  Demonstrates how this system is particularly useful in finding out one's life purpose, as well as for understanding the significance of major world events.



Horary Astrology

Handbook Of Horary Astrology. HAMAKER-ZONDAG Karen  $15.95  Author analyzes traditional as well as modern variations of horary principles, using them to show the reader how to determine events such as inheritance, marriage, divorce, business deals, etc., etc.

Horary Astrology Rediscovered. BARCLAY Olivia  $18.95  An exploration into the branch of astrology that is concerned with answering questions about life & life events. Includes several charts & illustrations.

Horary Astrology. JONES Marc Edmund $18.95  Topics include: Charting the Pertinent Moment; Phrasing the Question; Locating the Question; The Yes & No Technique; The Judgment Chart; Multiple Questions; Planetary Dynamics & much more.

Horary Astrology. ZAIN C.C $12.95  A guide to calculating & interpreting horary charts, with delineations for the houses, description of persons signified by the signs, etc. Includes a chapter on elections.

Horary Astrology - Plain and Simple  LEWIS Anthony $19.95 An Excellent Basic book on horary astrology from the author of the now out of print book: Horary Astrology: The History & Practice of Astro-Divination

Horary Lectures. LAVOIE Alphee  $12.95  Discusses event timing, using aspects, the ascendant, the houses, and using horary techniques to find lost articles.

Horary, The Gemini Science. WILSON-LUDLAM Mae  $9.95  Summarizes some fundamental tenets of horary astrology & illustrates their use through reference to 12 horary problems taken from author's files.

Introduction to Astrology, An  LILLY William $33.95  A complete re-print of Lilly's classic work on Horary astrology.  

Lose This Book And Find It With Horary. LAVOIE Alphee  $11.95  Master of the art of Horary, Alphee teaches you the rules of horary as applied to lost articles & how to apply these rules through actual step by step, in-depth chart delineations.

Modern Horary Astrology. DOANE Doris Chase $17.95  A formidable compilation of 60 years of observation & research. Based on approximately 10,000 horary charts erected by the author, 126 clearly defined & diverse horoscopes are cited.

Only Way To Learn About Horary: Volume 6. MARCH & MCEVERS Marion D. & Joan $12.95  Authors use all the planets & incorporate the new rulerships; timing tips for fertility techniques; yes or no answers ranging from whether to make an investment to whether to sell something.

Raphael's Horary Astrology RAPHAEL $11.50  A great re-print of this classic Horary guide.

Simplified Horary Astrology. JACOBSON Ivy Goldstein $30.95  A comprehensive guide for beginning students, with complete calculation instructions & delineations for the Moon, aspects & houses in a horary chart.



House Analysis

All Signs Rising.  WADE Elbert  $9.95  The rising sign & its decant are of great significance in determining personality, appearance, mannerisms, character, etc. This book details each sign rising & by decant.

Ascendant, The - Your Karmic Doorway. SCHULMAN Martin  $7.95  A discussion of the ascendant as the cosmic filter of what exists inside the natal chart & inside of you. A complete interpretation of ascendant signs along with sample charts.

Astrological Houses, The: A Psychological View Of Man & His World. HUBER Bruno & Louise $12.95  Basic textbook used by students of the Huber Method of working with psychological astrology. Previously published as Man and His World.

Astrological Houses, The: The Spectrum Of Individual Experience. RUDHYAR Dane  $12.95  Interpretation guidelines for each planet in each house; explanations of sign pairs on Ascendant & Descendant; an exploration of the houses as a complete cycle of individual experience. Excellent!

Consciousness And The Midheaven. CLEMENT, PH.D. Stephanie Jean $13.95  This book contains information about the psychology of Ego & ego consciousness. The Midheaven reveals how an individual comes to self awareness & true consciousness.

Eighth House, The: Sex And Death And Money. ROBERTSON Marc  $11.95  How does the personality become individualized through sexual experience? Suppose you really died a little every year & even once a month in some ways? When should you buy or sell or hold on?

Equal Houses KOCH Beth $12.95  Covers equal houses with great insight & description. The reader is encouraged to try this system & make comparisons to the one currently used.

Gate Of Rebirth - Astrology Regeneration & 8th House Mysteries. PAUL Haydn  $14.95  Author talks about personal & planetary values, power manipulation, compulsion, obsession, sexual & emotional unions, the wounded healer & much more.

History Of The Houses. POWELL Robert  $4.95  

House Connection, The: How To Read The Houses In An Astrological Chart. HAMAKER- ZONDAG Karen $14.95  This no-nonsense book explains clearly the rulers of the signs, the houses, the functions of these rulers, how to interpret the strongest house, & how aspect between house rulers work & more.

Houses: Which And When. DONATH Emma B. $14.95  Understand what planets mean in Equal House charts, Rational Houses & Octoscopes. Learn also when to use Morinus Houses, Campanus Mundoscopes, Solar Equilibrium, Porphyry & much more.

On The Ascendant: Self-Awareness Is Only The Beginning. HOLMES Tiffany  $13.95  ..tears the veil of mystery surrounding the 1st house, enabling readers with little or no knowledge of astrology to gain important new insights into themselves...

Rising Sign Problem, The. WILLNER John  $15.95  A series of essays on the physical characteristics & personality traits of individuals for the 12 astrological signs on the Ascendant.

Rising Sign: Your Astrological Mask, The. AVERY Jeanne $12.95  Interprets each Rising Sign's characteristic approach to the matters ruled by all twelve houses. Includes celebrity examples for each Rising Sign, plus simplified tables for determing your Rising.

Rising Signs. DODSON Carolyn  $11.95  Verbal & graphic sketches detailing the traits & physical appearance associated with each rising sign are combined in this book for lay readers & students.

Twelfth House, The. HAMAKER-ZONDAG Karen  $12.95  This book examines the general effect of the 12th house planets; the Sun, Moon, & Saturn in the 12th or aspecting ruler of the 12th; how to work with the 12th during various cycles of life.

Twelve Doors To The Soul. EVANS Jane A. $7.50  Sign & house delineations are provided in this esoteric guide to horoscope interpretation. Special topcs include karma & reincarnation.

Your Secret Self: Illuminating The Twelfth House. MARKS Tracy $12.95  Learn how working with dreams can be one of the most effective gateways into the hidden symbolism of the 12th house. Incudes case studies to demonstrate how themes of a chart emerge in dreams.



Jungian Astrology

Jungian Symbolism In Astrology. HOWELL Alice O. $10.95  This is an exciting landmark work that brings into play the insights of Carl Jung along side those of respected astrologers such as Marc Edmund Jones & Dane Rudhyar.

Jungian Synchronicity In Astrological Signs And Ages. HOWELL Alice O. $10.95  Author approaches the signs in an original way, showing their relevance to the self-acceptance, deeper understanding, & healing of the individual psyche.

Planetary Symbolism In The Horoscope. HAMAKER-ZONDAG Karen  $8.95  Includes discussion of the planets as symbols of human motivation, types of personal conduct, symbols of the psyche, & representatives of interpersonal relationships. Excellent.

Psychological Astrology. HAMAKER-ZONDAG Karen  $12.00  Examines the traditional wisdom of astrology in the light of Jungian psychology revealing the horoscope as a picture of our psychic structure & key to self-knowledge & personal growth.


Black Moon Book, The. GEORGE, SANTONI & SUYTERMAN $12.00  Ephemeris of the Black Moon 1910-2010 by Francis Santoni. The Dark Goddess Lilith by Demetra George. Basics to interpreting the Black Moon by Lee A. Suyterman.

Dark Moon Lilith In Astrology, The. (Reprinting) JACOBSON Ivy Goldstein $19.95  The book responsible for current interest in the controversial dark moon. Describes the astrological nature of Lilith & gives keywords, example charts & 1stof month ephemeris for 1860-2000.

Interpreting Lilith. J2353-014 JAY Delphine  $16.95  Astrological research concerning the Lilith influence: history, legend, keywords, rulerships, vocational orientation, as well as Lilith in the signs, houses, aspects, return charts and more.

Lilith Ephemeris 1900-2000, The. (Temp Out of Print) JAY Delphine  $14.95  Daily zodiacal longitudes for Lilith 1900 - 2000.

Lilith Insight - New Light On The Dark Moon. (Temp Out of Print) WILSON-LUDLUM Mae R. $12.95  A thorough study of Lilith's position by sign, house & aspects is presented as clues to her influence in the chart.



Locational Astrology, Relocation, Geodetic Equivalents

Best Of Charles Jayne, The. J3580-014 JAYNE Charles  $18.95  Four significant works in one volume: Horoscope Interpretation Outlined, Introduction to Locality Astrology, Parallels: Their Hidden Meaning and The Technique of Rectification.

Bon Voyage: An Astrological Study Of Relocation. P3265-014 PENFIELD Marc  $13.95  Relocation is the study of an individual's reaction to a specific environment & the circumstances they will encounter during the time spent in a specific locale

Geodetic Equivalents. SEPHARIAL $2.95  A system assigning an Ascendant & Midheaven to every spot on the earth, for the purposes of mundane astrological inquiry. Includes a table of ASC/MC values for major cities.

Geodetic World Map, The. M2822-014 MCRAE I.I. Chris $14.95  This system, developed by Sepharial, extends the zodiac eastward from Greenwich a degree of longitude at a time beginning with Aries. This principle ascertains the midheaven for any geographic location

Planets On The Move. POTTENGER & DOBYNS $14.95  Find the meaning of new aspects to the angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.), aspects to house rulers, house placements of rulers & stellia, & signs on the angles when you relocate.

What Are Astrolocality Maps? POTTENGER Maritha  $4.95  This map is a graphic representation of your chart superimposed over an actual map of the USA, or of the world or another continent you might choose. A good instructional booklet.

What's A Relocated Chart. TAYLOR Maxine $6.95  This pamphlet explains what relocation charts are, how to compute them, & how they can help you determine your prospects for travel or a new residence.

Working With Local Space. DOBYNS Zipporah  $4.00  This booklet demonstrates the many uses of the technique where planetary positions are graphed according to a horizon coordinate system.



Medical Astrology

Astro-Guide To Nutrition And Vitamins. P3282-014 PALMER Lynne  $12.95  If you are concerned about which vitamin & mineral supplements you should take according to the planetary placements in your chart, this book is for you.

Astrological Healing: The History & Practice Of Astromedicine. EBERTIN Reinhold  $19.95  Exploration of the famous Ebertin method of medical astrology; written for serious students of astrology who are familiar with cosmobiology & the 90 degree dial.

Astrology And Health. G1139-034 GEDDES Sheila  $8.95  A beginner's guide to the astrological indices of disease, how to read them with or without a birth chart, & how to get the right kind of New Age midical care.

Astrology And Vibrational Healing. CUNNINGHAM Donna  $9.95  Presents a detailed analysis of how various astrological patterns influence us & how vibrational therapies can be used with astrology.

Astrology And Your Health. AVERY Jeanne $10.95  A comprehensive practical guide to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Astrology Of Healing, The: Vol. I - Stress: The Cause Of Disease. NAIMAN Dr. Ingrid $35.00  This volume is concerned with what stress is, how it is shown in the chart, & what investigative avenues can be pursued in future astromedical studies.

Astrology Of Healing, The: Vol. II - The Elements: Symptoms Of Disease. NAIMAN Dr. Ingrid $35.00  Author states her goal is to describe the role of the elements in health & to gain a place for the elements in modern medical astrological practice.

Astrology Of Healing, The: Vol. IV - Cancer. NAIMAN Dr. Ingrid $35.00  An astrological & holistic approach to cancer.

Astrology, Nutrition And Health. JANSKY Robert  $12.95  A student's guide to practical medical astrology, introducing the Nodal Chart as an important key to diagnosis. Topics include cell salts, herbs, enzymes & much more.

Astrology: Key To Holistic Health.(Temp Out of Print) STARCK Marcia  $13.95  For the professional or student, this is a clear & comprehensive guide to the astrology of health. Special topics include allergies, addictions, cancer & astrological birth control.

Casenotes Of A Medical Astrologer. MILLARD Dr. Margaret $7.95  An in-dipth look at the birth patterns of the author's patients shows a great deal about diseases & how medical astrology can be used as well as how serious asubject it is.

Celestial Bodies. J2663-034 JOHNSON Kathleen  $3.95  Author offers a unique holistic approach to improving your overall health. She explains, for each sign, how strengthining your natural defenses & immune systemcan help you prevent disease & illness.

Encyclopaedia Of Medical Astrology.(Reprinting)  CORNELL H.L.  $33.00  The book contains a listing of every possible disease & symptom that could be diagnosed from an astrological point of view. Classic text.

Essentials Of Medical Astrology. DARLING Harry F., M.D. $17.95  This text teaches the basic parallels between cosmic functions & physiological conditions. Includes many case history examples, bibliography & glossary of medical terms.

Fixed Stars, Health & Behavior Imbalances. GEORGE & PARKER Ted & Barbara $17.95  Describes the 110 Fixed Star points & their affect on the health, behavior & karmic destiny of people, together with natural remedies for the cure or alleviation of health disorders.

Genetics Of Astrology, The: A Study Of The Topocentric System. MILLARD, M.D. Margaret $10.95  The work of Argentine astrologers, Polich & Page, on primary directions with the topocentric system, is brought to life through this fascinating chronical of a family.

Healing Herbs And Health Foods Of The Zodiac. MUIR Ada $3.99  Discusses the ills most often found in each zodiacal sign, along with the appropriate healing herb. More than 70 herbs are covered. Also explains the special mineral or cell salt needed.

Healing Through The Centers Using Rays & Astrology.  WILSON-LUDLAM Mae R. $11.95  Continuing her series using the rays & astrology, the author has brought out this volume on healing techniques for the practicing professional.

Healing With Astrology. STARCK Marcia  $14.95  

Healing With The Horoscope. POTTENGER Maritha  $12.95  A manual for counseling astrologers, filled with suggestions & techniques for increasing your effectiveness. This book will help you help your clients.

Health Zodiac, The - A Practical Guide To Understanding Health Cycles. ROWE Pamela $16.95  

Health, Astrology And Spirituality.  DEE Miss $15.50  The bodily areas & disorders associated with each of the signs are outlined in this simple guidebook, along with suggested therapy through behavior modification, herbs, etc.

Herbs, Health & Astrology. PETULENGRO Leon  $9.95  Delightful astrological-herbal lore is provided in this guide to the ancient Romany traditions linking the energies of the stars & planets to the vital powerof herbs.

How To Give An Astrological Health Reading CRAMER Diane $13.95  Learn the astrological factors that determine resistance to disease, their severity & duration.

Lunar Cycle, The. - A Guide To Natural & Astrological Fertility Control. NAISH Francesca  $10.95  Describes how to use the lunar cycle in conjunction with natural fertility awareness methods to avoid or acheive conception & how to sychronise the lunar & hormonal cycles.

Medical Astrology DAATH Heinrich  $10.00  Anatomical sign-rulership; planetary powers & principles; biodynamic actions; how the planets crystallize in organic & inorganic life; zodiaco-planetary synopsis of diseases, and much more.

Medical Astrology.  NAUMAN Eileen  $29.95  One of the best Madical Astrology books in print.

Medical Index For Christian Astrology, Index Of Herbs From Lilly & Culpeper PUOTINEN & WIGGERS $8.50  

Mind And Body In Astrology. H1274-034 HARVEY Ronald  $13.50  Shows how the symbolism & structure of astrology can be related to modern concepts of mind & body in psychosomatic or medical context.

Seventy Five Windows. POUNDS Sims $9.95  A report on an exhaustive investigation into the birth charts of hypoglycemia victims, written by a physician & past AFA President.

Star Healing - Your Sun Sign, Your Health & Your Success. LAWSON David  $11.95  Discover your innate potential for self-healing. Meditations and suggestions for complementary therapies suited to each sign of the zodiac.

Your Fertile Hours. FAUGNO Emily $17.95  Times birth control or conception using natal & transiting Sun/Moon angle.

Zodiac And The Salts Of Salvation. CAREY & PERRY $16.95  A unique work that explains how you can use the cell salts in relation to either your astrological sign or to important planetary configurations in your chart.




Midpoint Keys To Chiron. B3266-014 BROOKS Chris  $12.95  This volume is a compilation of many years of research & an attempt to share the information gleaned about two important topics - cosmobiology & Chiron.

Mundane Astrology

Astrology Of The Macrocosm - New Directions In Mundane Astrology, The. MCEVERS Joan (Editor) $19.95  This book, edited by J. McEvers, contains charts & articles from some of the world's top astrologers, explaining various mundane, transpersonal & worldly events through astrology.

Astrology: Mundane, Astral, Occult (Vol. Xi). TYL Noel $3.95  An introduction to the fundamentals of mundane & esoteric astrology. Topics include fixed stars, reincarnation, the yod, comets & dwads.

Guideposts To Mystical And Mundane Interpretation. DELONG Sylvia  $13.95  A collection of essays on selected subjects including karma & reincarnation, natural disasters & the geodetic equivalent chart & horary & electional astrology.

Law Of Values, The. SEPHARIAL $7.00  Contents: general principles; planetary values; effects of transits; effects of aspects; sensitive points; how to invest; how to average; considerations.

Mundane Astrology. ZAIN C.C. $18.50  Mundane Astrology is the science of the influence of the planetary bodies as they affect the world, nations, cities, communities & groups of people. This is a classic in this field.

Mundane Astrology.  RAPHAEL & GREEN $4.95  A short introduction to the study of the effects of equinoxes, solstices, new moons, eclipses, and other celestial phenomena upon different countries of the world.

Mundane Astrology: An Introduction To The Astrology Of Nations & Groups. BAIGENT, CAMPION & HARVEY $23.00  A comprehensive survey of mundane astrology past & present. Tackles the problems of formulation a practical & systematic approach relating it to the concepts of cycles & Collective Unconscious.

Mundane Perspectives In Astrology. JONES Marc Edmund $19.50  The nature & significance of the geocentric planetary nodes (position table provided) & major Arabian Parts are a focal point of this book on political astrology.



Planetary Nodes

Astrologer's Node Book, The. VAN TOEN Donna $6.95  A basic instruction book about interpreting the North & South nodes of the Moon in the natal chart.

Karmic Astrology, Vol I (Lunar Nodes). SCHULMAN Martin  $7.95  This book gives a richer understanding of the Moon's nodes than most books give on the sun signs, & this information can help you understand where you come from & where you can go in this lifetime.

Lunar Nodes - New Concepts.(Temp Out of Print) GREBNER Bernice  $11.95  A quick survey of the lunar nodes in synastry, in famous horoscopes, as well as in transits & progressions. Includes delineations of the nodes by sign, house & aspect.

Lunar Nodes. KOPARKAR Mohan  $5.95  Learn of karmic controls in your life, nodes through signs & houses, aspects of the nodes to planets in the natal & progressed charts, transitting nodes & their effects, nodes in synastry & more.

Moon's Nodes, The. WHITE George $10.95  Describes how the nodes are related to physical stature, fame & success; also gives observations on the nodal influence by sign, house & aspect.

Moon-Node Astrology. HUBER Bruno & Louise $14.95  This book combines depth psychology & the concept of reincarnation to bring us a whole new focus on the shadow personality & the evolutionary process of the individual.

Node Book, The. DOBYNS Zipporah $7.95  Explains what the nodes are, & offers suggestions for interpreting the geocentric nodes of the Moon, planets & asteroids in the natal chart.

North And South Nodes, The: The Guideposts Of The Spirit. BOHANNON Cynthia  $9.95  Complete delineation of the nodes in the signs & houses, conjunct the planets (including Vulcan & Persephone), and more.



Planetary Returns

Interpreting Solar & Lunar Returns. KIRBY & STUBBS $18.95  A step-by-step procedure of how to interpret Solar Returns, & explanations of calculation & timing methods. An examination of Lunar Returns, Mercury, Venus & Mars Returns are included.

Planets In Solar Returns: A Yearly Guide For Transformation & Growth. (Soon To Be Out of Print)SHEA Mary $18.95  Includes an interpretation of each planet in every house of a solar return & a chapter on combining natal charts & solar returns into two wheels and more.

Solar Return Book Of Prediction, The. MERRIMAN Raymond  $5.95  This primer on tropical solar returns has a complete delineation guide & easy- to-follow math instructions.

Solar Returns In Your Face. PENFIELD Marc $18.95  

Solar Returns.  CUMMINGS Connie  $9.95  Shows how to read indications regarding marriage, living together, separation or divorce according to your tropical solar return chart.

Tropical Solunar Return, The. THERESE $11.95  Rather than the Lunar Return (when transiting Moon returns to natal position), the Solunar Return is the transiting moon returning monthly to the natal Sun position.

When Your Sun Returns. JINNI & JOANNE $4.95  Presents a system for interpreting tropical solar returns, complete with calculation instructions & suggested delineations for major chart factors.

Your Solar Return - A Living Diary Of Life. BOHANNON Cynthia  $13.95  



Planetary Analysis

Astrological Guide To Self-Awareness, An. CUNNINGHAM Donna $9.95  How to understand the planets & houses as they symbolize aspects of your personality. For counselors, beginning & intermediate students.

Astrological Neptune And The Quest For Redemption, The. GREENE Liz $30.00  

Book Of Jupiter, The. WARAM Marilyn $15.95  Tracing the mythology of Jupiter, the auther reveals the underpinnings of Jupiter key words as self-righteous, expansive, arrogant, truth-seeking, etc. Case studies & Jupiter by house, sign & aspect.

Book Of Neptune, The. WARAM Meriyln $15.95  Delineates Neptune through the signs, houses & aspects & discusses common Neptune games. Last chapter reminds readers of the positive side of Neptune.

Book Of Pluto. FORREST Steven  $15.95  Steven interprets Pluto through house, sign & aspect & covers people's navigational errors & wounding scenarios with Pluto. We descend into hell & get a glimpse of heaven in this book.

Book Of Saturn, The. DOBYNS Zopporah $15.95  

Book Of Uranus, The. NEGUS Joan $15.95  Discusses Uranus through the signs (with historical correlates), through the houses of the horoscope, & in aspect to the other planets (& itself).

Discovery Of The Outer Planets, The. H2401-014 HILL Joylyn  $17.95  An in-depth discussion of the modern planets in relation to current social issues. Topics include Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, the asteroids & various hypothetical planets.

Exploring Jupiter: Astrological Key To Progress, Prosperity & Potential. ARROYO Stephen  $12.95  Jupiter emphasizes the future: envisioning, planning, improving, taking risks based on faith, & developing one's potential. Arroyo explores this planet in depth. Excellent!

Finding Our Way Through The Dark: Astrology Of The Dark Goddess Mysteries. GEORGE Demetra  $16.95  Demetra covers all 8 phases of the lunation cycle (natal & progressed), Pluto, the 12th house, 9 Dark goddess asteroids (ephemerides included) & much more.

Focus On Neptune. ELENBAAS Virginia  $9.95  Evocative descriptions of this planet's generational influence plus natal house & aspect delineations.

Focus On Pluto. E1103-014 ELENBAAS Virginia  $10.95  A concise, thorough statement of Pluto's astrological meaning, illustrated through references to recent history. Includes keywords plus natal house & aspect delineations.

Freudian Astrology - Lilith The Libido. G3039-014 GREENWOOD Elizabeth  $12.95  In Freudian Astrology, the dark moon Lilith represents the libido. The instincts for life & death for the individual can be studied by placing Lilith in the horoscope....

Freudian Astrology - Neptune The Id. G3037-014 GREENWOOD Elizabeth  $12.95  The aim of Neptune the ID is to avoid pain (Mars) & find pleasure (Venus).

Freudian Astrology - Pluto The Superego. G3027-014 GREENWOOD Elizabeth  $11.95  Author contends that Pluto represents the Freudian Superego, the conscience, the concept of right & wrong, The Perfection Principle, the moral affinity of the person.

Freudian Astrology Workbook GREENWOOD Elizabeth  $11.95  The 4 sections of this book covers: Pluto, the superego; Uranus, the ego, Neptune, the id; & Lilith, the libido.

Healing Pluto Problems. CUNNINGHAM Donna  $10.95  Well written account of Pluto in the natal chart & how Pluto aspects can affect childhood. Also included are ways to heal Pluto problems using flower remedies, meditation & more.

How To Personalize The Outer Planets: Astrology Of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. TYL Noel $12.00  Seven prominent astrologers bring the revolutionary forces of the outer planets down to earth in practical ways.

Images Of The Psyche: Exploring Planets Through Psychology & Myth. VALENTINE Christine  $14.95  This work examines the symbols & images through which people down the ages have sought to understand the underlying forces or gods which move & shape their lives.

Inner Planets, The:Building Blocks Of Personal Reality. GREENE & SASPORTAS $15.95  This book is about the process of understanding how the inner planets actually represent the individual & how they directly color the energy of the Sun & the Moon.

Inside Planets. LONSDALE Ellias  $16.95  Taking the 7 classical planets, 3 galactic planets, the 4 main asteroids & a small new planet which he states is ushering in the future, the author indroduces us to the realm of inner astrology.

Interpretation: Planetary & Age Cycles. G1117-014 GALLO Angela Louise $9.50  The use of planetary cycles is a series of events past, present & future. A sequence of events & relationships fall in a pattern, somewhat modified during each rise & low period.

Lord Of The Light - Exploring The Astrological Sun. PAUL Hayden $17.95  Explores the astrological Sun & considers how solar patterns in the birth chart can reveal the heroic quest to become enlightened Son or Daughter of Light.

Luminaries, The - The Psychology Of The Sun & Moon In The Horoscope. GREENE & SASPORTAS $14.95  This 3rd volume in the Seminars in Psychological Astrology series is an extensive exploration of the Sun & Moon & how they symbolize the psychological development of the individual.

Mars Book, The. VAN TOEN Donna $12.95  This book shows you how you use your energy, how it affects your personality, career, love life, sex, & inner motivation. Practical advice for intermediate astrologers.

Meet Your Planets - Fun With Astrology ALEXANDER Roy  $12.95  Astrology doesn't have to be mind boggling. A humorus approach to understanding the Planets in sign, and in houses.

Mercury, The Open Door, Part 1. G2801-014 GREBNER Bernice Prill $18.95  Mercury governs the way we think & is the open door through which we communicate & connect with others. Author gives us an understanding of the Mercury/Sun & Mercury/Venus combinations.

Mercury, The Open Door, Part 2. G3036-014 GREBNER Bernice Prill $18.95  Part I covered Mercury & its relationship with the Sun & Venus through the signs. This volume covers Mercury in each sign as related to Mars & Jupiter in each of their signs.

Metal Power: The Soul Life Of The Planets. DAVIDSON Alison  $8.95  Beyond alchemy, metallurgy, astrology, your universe will be transformed by this penetrating view of the magnificent metals & their compelling relation ship with the planets.

Moon In Your Life, The. ROBERTSON Arlene  $16.95  Teaches the basic characteristics of the Moon in the signs, houses, aspects & transits.

Moon In Your Life, The: Being A Lunar Type In A Solar World. CUNNINGHAM Donna  $15.95  Provides astrological insights & solutions for such modern problems as sugar blues, premenstrual tension, breaking the mother-daughter symbiosis & understanding men's unspoken motivations.

Moon Phases - A Symbolic Key. G3199-034 GOLDSMITH Martin  $16.95  Author analyses the 28 moon phases rather than the usual 4 or 8 phases & showsthe student a new way to look at a birth chart.

Moon Signs - Discover The Hidden Power Of Your Emotions. FENTON Sasha  $11.00  The Moon in your chart reveals your deepest requirements & needs. Learn how it governs attitudes toward food, unconscious motivation, habits, & your personal relationships.

Moon Signs: The Key To Your Inner Life. CUNNINGHAM Donna  $5.99  Author unravels the effects of lunar influence: a person's potential for intimacy; sense of security; family ties; susceptibility to indulgence in food or drink; career ambition & much more.

Outer Planets & Their Cycles. GREENE Liz $13.95  Deals with significant historical & generational trends attributable to the outer planets as well as individual attunement to these cycles.

Planetary Harmonies - An Astrological Book Of Meditations. HODGSON Joan  $15.50  Author identifies the planetary influences which are at work at any time of the day, or at any time of the lunar cycle or the solar cycle.

Planetary Heredity. GAUQUELIN Michel  $12.95  Through gathering birth data of more than 100,000 deliveries, the author has demonstrated that we were born under similar cosmic conditions as prevailed at the birth of our parents.

Planets - What They Mean. CLANCY Paul G. $2.50  A brief description of each planet's astrological meaning, with a table of dignities & debilities by sign.

Planets And Human Behavior, The. MAYO Jeff $9.95  A psychological reformulation of astrology, relating the planets to archetypalfunctions of the psyche. Draws heavily on Jungian concepts but includes traditional lore too.

Planets And Planets Centered Astrology. C3504-014 CLEMENT Stephanie Jean $13.95  Offers an indepth look at the planets as we employ them in geocentric astrology, In addition it considers the meanings of planetary satellites in their respective horoscopes.

Planets In Containment. S2422-034 SANDBACH & BALLARD $10.95  A complete delineation guide for interpreting all 990 possible combinations of planets in groups of three. A contemporary parallel of the yogas in Hindu astrology.

Planets In Houses: Experiencing Your Environment. PELLETIER Robert  $19.95  This book describes the planets in the houses from every possible angle. A good reference book for students of astrology.

Planets In Signs. ALEXANDER Skye  $18.95  The Sun, Moon and planets through all 12 signs of the zodiac. The text is so clear & readabe that beginners can understand it.

Planets In Work: A Complete Guide To Vocational Astrology. BINDER Jamie  $19.95  This book provides 78 different vocational themes. Presented in a step-by-step format, the information is easy to grasp & the chart themes are presented clearly.

Planets In Youth: Patterns Of Early Development. HAND Robert  $18.95  Major part of book is delineations of horoscope factors wirtten for young people. Planets, signs, houses and major aspects are explained.

Planets Through The Signs: Astrology For Living. BASSETT Abbe $12.50  Delineates the meanings & significance of each planet in 10 chapters giving first an introduction to the planet & then going into detail about the influence of that planet in the 12 signs.

Planets, The: Discover The Power Of The Planets FENTON Sasha $10.00  This book gives a clear guide to the planets & to the way in which their energies work through the various signs & houses.

Planets: The Astrological Tools. MCEVERS Joan (Editor) $12.95  Includes information from 10 astrologers who bring insights to the symbolism & influences of the planets.

Pluto, Planet Of Magic And Power. C2524-014 CHALFORD Ginger  $18.50  Author reveals practical ways Pluto's symbolic energies can be tapped & used positively for personal power. Pluto is described in depth by house, aspect & sign.

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul. GREEN Jeffrey $15.00  Combines astrology & psychology in the study of karma. Pluto aspects are discussed, with each house position backed up with charts. An absolute must for any serious student.

Plutonian Phoenix, The. RICHARDSON Dale $7.95  A collection of previously-published articles, many of them dealing with Pluto's meaning in the charts of people & events.

Power Planets: A Manual For Human Empowerment. DE LA LAMA Luisa $17.95  Author guides you step by step to harness, integrate & enhance the energies of the planets (including Chiron & Vulcan) regardless of their position in the natal chart or transiting aspects.

Power Trio, The: Mars, Jupiter & Saturn. W1537-024 WILSON-LUDLAM Mae  $10.95  A beginner's guide to astrology in general, with special attention given to Mars, Jupiter & Saturn. Detailed natal delineations for these planets are provided.

Prometheus The Awakener - An Essay On The Archetypal Meaning Of Uranus TARNAS Richard  $14.50  Tarnas focuses on Uranus, the first planet discovered by telescope, as entry into the depth of astrology, showing how personal biography & collective history can be linked to planetary movements.

Psychology Of The Planets. GAUQUELIN Francoise  $12.95  Here are the results of the scientific research that resulted in the most significant astrological findings of this century.

Rulership Book, The. BILLS Rex $20.95  This volume is the result of a research project that drew together the thoughtsof many astrologers into one reference book. It has become a dictionary for astrologers & is now a classic.

Saturn/Pluto Phenomenon, The. MICHAND & HILVERSON $11.95  This comprehensive book delves into the traditional explanation of the energies symbolized by Saturn & Pluto, & throws a bright light on the dark myths & misconceptions surrounding them.

Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil. GREENE Liz $7.95  This book traces the character of this most important planet through sign, house, aspect, synastry & looks at its role in mythology.

Understanding Planetary Placement.  MASON Sophia  $10.95  Explains the correlation between planets, signs & houses. Features lists of rulerships, as well as mental & emotional attributes that accompany favorable & unfavorable aspects.

Understanding Retrogrades. ADAMS Helen J. $10.95  A guide to interpreting retrograde planets in the natal & progressed chart as well as by transit.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: The Spiritual Trinity.  GEORGE Ted $17.95  A spiritual interpretation of this mighty trio including revelations of their affect in the signs, houses, & aspects to all planets, including the asteroids Vulcan & Persephone.

Uranus-Neptune Influence, The. MICHAUD Joy $11.95  Illustrates the effects of these planets when Saturn, Uranus & Neptune were all in the sign of Sagittarius 500 years ago & in Capricorn from 1988 to 1991. Also discusses these planets in sign & house.

Venus: The Evolution Of The Goddess And Her Planet. DREYER Ronnie Gale $15.00  This book shows that the original symbolism of the planet can be traced to the legends of the early love & fertility goddesses.



Predictive Astrology

Astrologer's Forecasting Workbook - New Dimensions In Prediction. C2642-014 COPE Lloyd $29.95  Cope takes you step by step toward mastery of forecasting fundamentals, showing you not only how to determine when events will occur, but also what is likely to happen & why.

Astrological Prediction. HARWOOD P.J.  $18.00  Partial list of contents: Place & time in different parts of the world; transits & various directions; life periods; marriage, travel, change & general fortune; time of action; & much more.

Basic Predictive Astrology.  HALL Gladys M. $18.50  Packed with astrological interpretation, information on transits, marriage, career, & much more.

Eagle And The Lark, The - A Textbook Of Predicitve Astrology. BRADY Brenadette  $19.95  Complete instructions for handling transits, secondary progressions, time maps, eclipses & other means of prediction.

Forecasting Backward & Forward. HAMMERSLOUGH B.F.  $14.95  This book teaches you the dynamics of specific time periods & instructs you in how to forecast the coming trends in your life.

Forecasting With Diurnals: A Different Way Of Looking At Transits. HUGHES Mary N. $13.95  Through the use of lunations, eclipses & the chart of the day called The Diurnal Chart, the time can be fine-tuned to tell you the exact time that an event will take place.

Forecasting With New, Full & Quarter Moons Through The Houses.  MASON Sophia  $11.95  How to interpret the meaning of charts for the New & Full Moon (including eclipses) & Quarter Moon in relation to the natal chart, based on comparing house positions between the two charts.

Forecasting Your Life Trends. SEWELL Rupert  $6.95  This lay reader's guide to simple astrological forecasting expounds on a 36-phase system based on secondary directions & includes simple tables & suggested delineations.

From One House To Another. MASON Sophia  $10.95  Using the derivative house system, Mason shows you how to accurately predict the affairs of others thorugh your own horoscope.

Future Signs - How To Make Astrological Predictions. SIMMS Maria Kay $14.95  

Lunations And Predictions. MASON Sophia  $5.75  Shows you how to forecast events by using Lunations, New Moons, & Full Moons. Many sample charts.

Millennium Prophecies. MANN A.T.  $7.95  Reviews relevant & irrelevant historical & modern prophecies, speculates about the human need to prophesy, & makes informed astrological analyses of the next crucial years on Planet Earth.

Patterns Of Destiny. KIMMEL Eleonora  $17.95  Author looks at fate versus destiny. Many charts and case histories.

Practice Of Prediction, The. HASTINGS Nancy Anne $14.95  A book for serious students & working astrologers. How to work with progressions, solar arc, & transits to make accurate predictions for clients.

Predicting Love, Marriage, Sex & Money - Predictive Astrology CAREY Timothy  $12.95  This practical workbook makes a broad scope of psychology to help predict the future.

Prediction. MARR Alexander  $11.95  This technical guide for advanced students explains the finer points of prediction including converse progressions, sidereal returns, etc. An original blend of diverse techniques.

Predictions For A New Millennium. TYL Noel $14.95  This book for sees key events, with 58 predictions about dramatic political, economic, and social changes that will occur between now and the year 2012.

Predictive Astrology. SAKOIAN & ACKER $14.00  Comprehensive guide to the techniques of forecasting using transits to the natal chart. Houses, planets, hemispheric emphasis, nodes, aspects, retrograde planets and more.

Science Of Foreknowledge, The. SEPHARIAL $17.00  A collection of essays on varied special topics by one of the great early 20thCentury astrologers. Subjects include Lilith, Hebrew & Hindu astrology & Neptune.

Scope Of Astrological Prediction, The. JONES Marc Edmund $19.50  A guide to interpreting character & destiny using a full range of traditional techniques, including natal, diurnal, solar & lunar return charts; primary, secondary & tertiary directions & more.

Turning The Tables. CAMERON Barbara  $13.95  



Progressions & Directions

Deductive Interpretation Of The Progressed Horoscope.  MCCORMICK & RUSHMAN $9.95  An intelligent guide to understanding what the progressed horoscope foretells, with a discussion of circadian & other cycles.

Delineations Of Progressions.  MASON Sophia  $19.95  How to work with long & short ascension, interceptions, progressed moon, retrograde & direct motion, & other factors necessary to work with a progressed chart.

Key Cycle.  WYNN $9.95  A full explanation of how to calculate & interpret Key Cycles is given along with case history examples to how how this predictive technique is used.

Life Clock: Age Progression In The Horoscope HUBER Bruno & Louise $22.95  A psychologically based technique that allows the astrologer to determine the client's progressed psychological situation.

Minor Progressions And How To Use Them. ROWLEY Frances $14.50  This manual explains how to calculate & interpret several lesser known progressions (secondary, converse, etc.). Includes sample charts & instructions.

Only Way To Learn About Tomorrow, The. MARCH & MCEVERS $14.95  Subjects include: secondary progressions, solar arc directions, transits, eclipses & cycles as well as solar & lunar returns.

Precise Progressed Charts. KOPARKAR Mohan  $5.95  Method based upon generalized secondary progressions. The event formation is well explained by these charts.

Primary Directions Made Easy. SEPHARIAL $10.00  A how to book on Primary Directions, with examples. Includes Polar elevations, mundane aspects, zodiacal parallels and more.

Primer For Secondary Progressions.  HOLIDAY Katie  $7.95  Calculation (but not interpretation) of progressed charts is taught in this manual.

Progressed Horoscope Simplified.  MILBURN Leigh Hope $16.95  Orininally published in 1928, this guide for intermediate students tells how to interpret the progressed chart & transits. Includes delineations for the majorfactors.

Progressed Horoscope. LEO Alan $16.95  A comprehensive guide to a system of predicting the future, outlining methods for drawing up annual forecasts.

Progressions In Action.  DOANE Doris Chase $15.95  The fine art of prediction & analysis through the use of progressions is illustrated by actual case histories in this book. Celebrity charts treated in detailinclude John Glen & L. Ron Hubbard.

Progressions, Directions And Rectifications. DOBYNS Zipporah P. $7.95  An introduction to rectification techniques, with easy to follow instructions. The technical principles are illustrated through reference to the natal & progressed chart of Edward Kennedy.

Secondary Progressions - Time To Remember. (Reprinting) HASTINGS Nancy Anne $14.95  Includes first steps to chart analysis, hemisphere division, chart shapes, intercepted signs, mixed angles, angularity, exaltation, rulership, & how to read the actual progressed chart.

Symbolic Directions In Modern Astrology. (Reprinting) CARTER C.E.O $10.95  Symbolic Directions are not concerned with either apparent motion due to the rotatory motion of Earth nor those based on real motion, but rather study ideal values & relationships.

New Methods Of Rectification: Lincoln. DAVIS T. Patrick $14.50  Besides being a fascinating account of Lincoln's personal & public life illuminated through an astrological perspective, this book presents a rectified chart derived through heliocentric astrology.

Precise Astrological Prediction, The. CHRISTENSEN Irene  $10.95  Teaches the Kundig method of rectification & progression, said to be the most accurate predictive system in existence - a refinement on secondary directions.



Techniques of Rectification

Rectification Of The Birth Time. SCHWICKERT Gustav  $6.95  Gives instructions for a complete system of rectification, using the native's characteristics & life history as a guide. A step-by-step manual, with examples

Rectification: Known And Unknown Birthtimes. NEIMANN Henry  $21.95  The reinforcement of behavior through the learning process permits astrologers to associate the time period of any planetary configuration with thinking & behavior patterns.



Astrological Compatibility & Relating

Art Of Chart Comparison, The. POTTENGER Maritha  $4.00  Traditional methods of comparing one chart with another to evaluate the potential of the relationship between the 2. An excellent introduction to the art of synastry (chart comparison).

Astrological Compatibility. PALMER Lynne  $15.95  Contents include: calculating natal aspects between charts; Venus & love; Mars & sex; how to handle in harmony between charts; horoscope comparison interpreted & more.

Astrology And Relationships. DEVLIN Mary  $19.95  Author looks at the relationship needs of the individual as revealed in the birth chart; then analyzes parent/child relationships; she then examines love, romance, sex, marriage & friendship.

Astrology For Lovers. GREENE Liz $12.95  A comprehensive astrological guide to life, relationships and lovers.

Astrology Of Human Relationships. SAKOIAN Frances  $14.00  How to look at all kinds of relationships with practical instructions for the astrology student.

Astrology Of Sexuality, The. SCHULMAN Martin $9.95 we have an astrologer who pushes beyond these traditional barriers & points out that every factor in a chart plays a more or less significant part in sexual development & behavior.

Book Of Lovers, The. REYNOLDS Carolyn  $14.95  144 types of men and 144 types of women. Which type are you. More accurate & detailed than Sun sign books.

Book Of Marriage Charts.  HUGHES Emylu L. $20.95  Discusses customs, the odds, formulas for related Arabic Parts with numerous example charts.

Coalescent Horoscope: A New Method Of Synastry. GRINNELL & DUKELOW $4.00  Discover a new technique for analyzing relationships and how to calculate a coalescent chart.

Divine Encounters. THORNTON Penny  $14.00  Lively & entertaining blending of astrology with Jungian tradition shows how divine encounters - such as falling in love - can foster the divine process of becoming whole.

Erotic Astrology. OLIVIA $12.95  A step by step guide on how to please each sign even reveals the Zodiac's secret erotic fantasies.

Finding The Person In The Horoscope. DOBYNS Zipporah P. $7.95  An articulate introduction to astrology as a psychological tool for self understanding - readable & thought provoking, suitable for general readers.

Gay Love Signs: The New Astrology Guide For Men Who Love Men. JAY Michael $16.95  A guide for gay men looking to better understand themselves, each other & the universe that guides them.

Have We Met Before?: Karmic Chart Comparisons. DONATH Emma B. $7.95  Presents a technique said to reveal past life relationships between two people, through comparing their birth charts. Easy to use keywords are provided.

Homosexuality In The Horoscope.  HEIMSOTH, M.D. Karl Guenter $11.95  A translation of the classic 1928 German work describing the psychology of homosexuality & the astrological factors said to signify a homosexual predisposition.

How To Handle Your Human Relations. SARGENT Lois  $9.95  Astrological & psychological theories applied to solve problems concerning personal relationships, & to solve conflicts arising between family members, friends, business partners.

Interpreting Composite And Relationship Charts. NEGUS Joan $3.95  This booklet offers you an introduction to 2 methods of combining the charts of 2 individuals into a single chart in order to analyze the relationship between the 2 of them.

Intimate Relationships - The Astrology Of Attraction. MCEVERS Joan - Editor $14.95  Eight experts discuss every facet of cosmic love: the sexual factor, affinities effects of the Moon, love & the 8th house, new relationship possibilities, and more.

Karmic Relationships. SCHULMAN Martin  $7.95  Easy to understand explanations of the karmic ties we come here with may help you make the best of a karmic connection, so that the two of you may grow to themaximum potential in this lifetime.

Lesbian Love Signs - An Astrological Guide For Women Loving Women. AURORA $8.95  Astrology's greatest gift is the explanation of basic temperment. Two women who are relating need to acquaint themselves with the basic characteristics of their own sign & those of their lovers.

Linda Goodman's Love Signs. GOODMAN Linda $18.00  This book examines in fine detail everything from your sexual compatibility toyour lover's secret hopes. Sun sign astrology.

Love And Sexuality - An Exploration Of Venus & Mars. KIRBY & STUBBS $15.95  Looks specifically at how Venus & Mars describe our love nature & sexuality, & shows in depth how these planets function through the signs, houses & aspects to the outer planets.

Love Planets. ABADIE & BADER $11.00  Includes precise, subtle relationship readings, easy-to-use tables & step- by-step instructions that allow you to chart the influence of the relationship planets & points.

Love, Sex And Astrology. KING Teri $5.50  Explains the basic characteristics associated with each sign & has a quiz that will enable you to check your responses & attitudes against those of a possible partner.

Marriage Made In Heaven - An Astrological Guide To Relationships. MARK Alexandra  $14.95  Easy to read book takes the reader through the complexities of love & marriage.

Mercury Method Of Chart Comparison, The.  RODDEN Lois  $17.95  Presents a way to determine the potential for relationship between 2 people byanalyzing the Mercury-to-Mercury aspects between their natal & progressed charts.

Midpoint Synastry Simplified. SAVALAN Karen  $12.95  This book teaches how to interpret the relationship potential between 2 people based on the planetary contacts between their charts - includes positive as well as negative keywords.

Only Way To Learn About Relationships: Volume V. MARCH & MCEVERS Marion D. & Joan $14.95  Authors cover relationship needs that are reflected in the natal chart - synastry techniques (including house activation & inter aspects) & composite charts.

Picking Your Perfect Partner Through Astrology. COLEMAN Mary  $12.00  A comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and dynamically intelligent blend of Astrology and Psychology that reveals what really makes - or breaks - relationships.

Planets In Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships. HAND Robert  $19.95  Hand illustrates a technique which combines two individual charts & creates a composite third for the relationship itself. Contains chapters on casting & reading the horoscope.

Planets In Love: Exploring Your Emotional & Sexual Needs. TOWNLEY John $18.95  Astrology, sex & 550 interpretations will provide a complete overview of how the planets & aspects affect your emotional life.

Planets In Synastry: Astrological Patterns Of Relationship. NEVILLE E.W.  $16.95  Individual phases of a relationship are set out & a method for analysis of each phase is described. Focuses not only on the analysis of synastry, but translates these into real life application.

Pluto, Volume 2 - The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships. GREEN Jeffrey  $17.95  The follow up to the Worldwide best seller, Pluto, Vol 1. Jeff looks at the karmic connections and evolutionary needs within the natal and composite charts to bring about new ways of relating.

Relating, An Astrological Guide. GREENE Liz $12.95  Author uses basic astrological concepts symbolically & practically in a framework of Jungian psychology to show the ways in which people relate to one another on both conscious & unconscious levels.

Relationships And Life Cycles. ARROYO Stephen  $12.00  Book on understanding relationships through astrology & on understanding basic life cycles & changes through the transiting patterns of the planets.

Relationships, Astrology And Karma. STONE Pauline $13.95  Dynamics of karmic relationships drawing on real-life case studies & how you can transform painful interpersonal conflicts by cooperating with the healing energies of the outer planets.

Sex And The Outer Planets. WATTERS  Barbara $5.95  A fascinating & easy-to-follow exploration of the sexual attitudes & experience symbolized by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in the natal chart.

Sex Signs. A. BENNETT Judith $24.95  A Sun sign relationship book that combines astrology, psychology & female sexuality.

Sex, Mind And Habit: Compatibility. ROBERTSON Marc  $8.95  How to interpret relationship potential, sexually, emotionally & psychologically. Focuses on 4 major natal factors - Mercury, Moon, Mars & Venus.

Sexual Astrology. RATHGEB Marlene Masini $11.00  Exploring gender as an aspect of personality rather than an inflexible biological fact, the author reveals the 16 distinct elemental types, pinpoints our intimate needs & our love-styles.

Sexuality In The Horoscope TYL Noel (Editor) $14.95  As they explore charts of famous, infamous & everyday persons, 10 astrologers share insights into topics such as the dark side of human sexuality, imagination & fantasy, repression & AIDS.

Signs Of Love. SAUNDERS Jeraldine  $6.99  With the aid of astrology, graphology, palmistry, face reading, numerology, & auras, you will discover everything you need to know about your love prospects with a given individual.

Skymates - The Astrology Of Love, Sex And Intimacy FORREST Steven & Jodie $14.95  Provides excellent coverage of traditional synastry techniques. Inter aspects are discussed with useful illustrations. Includes a section on the use of the composite chart. Excellent.

Synastry: Understanding Human Relations Through Astrology. DAVISON Ronald  $14.95  This book contains the first comprehensive survey of the various techniques ofhoroscope comparison. A classic text necessary for any student studying relationship charts.

Through The Looking Glass. IDEMAN Richard  $14.95  This book is dedicated to understanding relationships - not just love/erotic - but also relationships with parents, children, siblings, & friends.

Web Of Relationships - Spiritual, Karmic & Psychological Bonds. MCEVERS Joan - Editor $14.95  In this book you will discover the astrological connections between child & parent, how friends support & understand each other, indications of past life & karmic relationships and much more.

When Will You Marry?: Your Romantic Destiny Through Astrology. MURRAY Rose  $12.95  Focus is on timing as a definitive factor in successful marriages.

You Are In Good Zodiacal Company. SARGENT Lois  $5.95  Brief biographical sketches of celebrity & historical figures are used to illustrate the character traits of each Sun Sign. Includes more than 70 thumbnail biographies.

Your Starway To Love - Easy Compatibility Analysis POTTENGER Maritha  $14.95  Learn how you can make the most of your present relationship. Discover how well a potential partner wil or will not meet your needs.



Retrograde Planets

Karmic Astrology, Vol. II (Retrogrades). SCHULMAN Martin  $8.95  A complete analysis of retrograde planets in the natal chart. All planets are discussed on both an esoteric level as well as a personal level, covering symbols, signs, & houses.

Retrograde Planets: Traversing The Inner Landscape. SULLIVAN Erin  $14.95  Author outlines the system of retrogression &, dealing with each planet separately, applies retrogression to natal horoscopes and transiting cycles.

Retrogrades. K1268-034 KOPARKAR Mohan  $6.95  Includes information on retrogrades in the houses & ruling the houses, in various astrological applications, in combinations, interceptions, reincarnation, in transits, progressions & mundane.

Sidereal Astrology

Primer Of Sidereal Astrology. F2167-074 FAGAN & FIREBRACE $10.95  How to calculate & interpret sidereal horoscopes, solar & lunar returns, parans & much more. Includes several helpful tables (of synetic vernal point, etc.)

Sidereal Zodiac, The P2533-014 POWELL & TREADGOLD $10.95  Author explains the 3 minute difference between the sidereal zodiac in relation to Aldebaran as prime fiducial & the sidereal zodiac in relation to the synetic veral point.



Sun Sign Astrology

Linda Goodman's Star Signs. GOODMAN Linda $6.99  Goodman combines astrology and numerology.

Linda Goodman's Sun Signs. GOODMAN Linda $7.99  Everyone's favorite cocktail party time book of sun signs. Actually well written and entertaining reading.

Power Astrology - Making The Most Of Your Sun Sign. MACNAUGHTON Robin  $5.50  Discover your sun sign's vital strengths & weaknesses & how to use this information for personal growth, clearer perceptions of the people in your life & access to the full powers within you.

Sun Sign, Moon Sign. HARVEY Charles & Suzi $15.00  Going beyond the simple 12 Sun signs & combining them with the 12 Moon signs, the authors provide 144 delineations.

Astro-Alchemy: Making The Most Of Your Transits. NEGUS Joan $9.95  A positive approach to transits that combines astrology & common sense. Excellent summary of the significant issues that will be brought up by each major transit.



Transit Analysis

Changing Sky, The. FORREST Steven $14.95  Includes the life cycle patterns of transits; secondary progressions & focuses on the progressed Moon through the houses & signs as well as the changing angles.

Gods Of Change: Pain, Crisis & Transits Of Uranus, Netpune & Pluto, The. SASPORTAS Howard  $12.95  Major changes or crises in our lives are usually signified by the transits of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Author blends his knowledge of psychology with case histories.

Liquid Light Of Sex - Understanding Your Key Life Passages. CLOW Barbara Hand $15.00  Opens up a new dimension of understanding about what occurs during our key life passages.

Modern Transits. RODDEN Lois  $18.95  A practical cookbook of all the transiting planets from the Sun out to Pluto. Includes a quick reference glossary of one-liners about the transits.

Navigating By The Stars - Astrology And The Art Of Decision-Making. HATHAWAY Edith  $14.95  A clear introduction to the Uranian system, the Meridian house system & equatorial ascendants; cyclical patterns, solar arcs, planetary returns & secondary progressed quarti-lunar charts.

Planetary Cycles. LUNDSTED Betty  $12.95  This book outlines natural life cycles that indicate stress periods symbolized by Mars, Jupiter & Saturn cycles as well as the lifetime processes indicated by Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

Planets In Transit: Life Cycles For Living. HAND Robert $24.95  Includes an analysis of the meaning of astrological prediction, transits, progressions & directions, how to interpret transits, triple transits, precession correction, etc. A MUST reference book.

Roadmap To Your Future - A Quick Guide To Progressions & Transits. ASHMAN Bernie  $21.95  Progressions & transits interpreted; how life cycles correspond to transits; transits & progressions compared & contrasted & much more.

Saturn In Transit. SULLIVAN Erin  $12.95  While Saturn is popularly associated with doom & gloom, this book focuses on the planet's useful and developmental influence in our lives.

Those Inconjunct Quincunx Transits.  SAKOIAN & ACKER $7.50  Provides simple interpretations for transiting planetary quincunx aspects to the natal planets.

Transit Of Saturn, The.  ROBERTSON Marc  $11.50  An in-depth interpretation of Saturn cycles. Topics include Saturn signs, houses & quadrants, & critical ages in one's life as determined by Saturn transits.

Transits In Reverse: Astrological Planning For Success. RYNEVELD Edna Copeland $12.95  The clear information presented here will show you how to determine the best times for special events through the age-old system of planetary hours for any location.

Transits Simplified.  SAKOIAN F & L Acker $14.95  Provides keywords for use in interpreting planetary transits in relation to the natal chart - by aspect to natal planets & in terms of passing through natal houses.

Transits: The Time Of Your Life. LUNDSTED Betty $8.95  An innovative approach to using your transits for personal growth & development and for helping you through life's recurring crises.

Transits: What Day Is Favorable For Me?.  EBERTIN Reinhold  $11.95  A guide for the novice who wishes to calculate & interpret transits to the natal chart (cosmogram). Includes instructions & basic interpretations for transits.



Uranian Astrology

Handbook Of Techniques For The Hamburg School. BRUMMUND & UDO RUDOLPH Ruth $21.95  Highly respected work on Uranian Astrology from the Hamburg School.

How To Use Dials: A Shortcut To Chart Analysis. HENRY William  $4.00  A comprehensive guide of the techniques of using rotating dials to study horoscopes.

Rules For Planetary Pictures. WITTE/LEFELDT $32.95  English interpretation of Witte's comprehensive work on Uranian Astrology.

Uranian Astrology Guide (Plus Ephemeris).  SHERMAN & FRANK $18.95  A primer on Witte's astrological innovations, this book explains the history & special features of the Uranian system. Includes a 20th Century Transneptunian ephemeris.

Uranian Transneptune Ephemris  MICHELSON Neil F. $13.95  Gives positions for the TNP planets whose existence was speculated by Alfred White: Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus & Poseidon. Positions for every 5 days 1850 thru 2000.



Vedic Astrology

Ancient Hindu Astrology For The Modern Western Astrologer. BRAHA James T. $21.95  An excellent indroduction to Hindu astrology providing chapters on planets, signs, planetary aspects, transits & much more.

Aspects In Vedic Astrology. OJHA Gopesh  $13.95  Drawn from the ancient & medieval classics of Vedic (Hindu) astrology, preserving the wisdom of the sages as well a wealth of insight into how the ancient dictums may be applied today.

Astro-Logos: Language Of Life. BRAHA James $12.95  Astro-Logos combines Hindu predictive astrology with its Western, more personality oriented, counterpart.

Astrology Of The Seers - A Guide To Vedic Astrology. FRAWLEY David  $18.95  A clear yet comprehensive presentation of Vedic astrology & makes this difficult-subject clear, practical & relevant. It explains all of its important factorsrelative to Western Astrology.

Circle Of Stars - An Introduction To Indian Astrology ROEBUCK Valerie  $15.95  Draws us gently into a meditative experience of the lost feminine. Author creates the female space for us to consider our present lives from the eyes of women's ancient culture & ritual.

Fundamentals Of Vedic Astrology. BEHARI Bepin  $14.95  Part 1 of a 4-volume series, this book presents the components of the art of the Hindus - planets, signs, houses & lunar mansions - in the context of self-discovery & spiritual development.

Hindu Astrology And The West. RAMAN B. V. $18.95  Hindu astrology explained to the Western astrologer & Western thought experienced by a Hindu astrologer.

Hindu Astrology Lessons HOUCK - EDITOR Richard $16.95  

How To Be A Great Astrologer - The Planetary Aspects Explained. BRAHA James  $19.95  The author's primary commitment is to train astrologers to use both Hindu & Western astrology in all birthchart interpretations. Offers information about moon's nodes & all planetary aspects.

How To Predict Your Future: Secrets Of Eastern & Western Astrology. BRAHA James  $22.00  Braha demonstrates 2 of the best predictive methods offered by the world of astrology. He presents the predictive accuracy of ancient Hindu astrology with the spiritually rich astrology of the West.

Indian Astrology - A Western Approach To The Ancient Hindu Art. DREYER Ronnie G. $12.95  A comprehensive summary of the ancient Eastern astrological tradition & a practical guide to the way in which Hindu interpretive & predictive techniques may be applied to Western horoscope analysis.

Myths And Symbols Of Vedic Astrology. BEHARI Bepin  $14.95  Those who are studying Vedic or Hindu astrology will find this book to be invaluable in opening the door to the inner meaning of the planets & how they are viewed in the Vedic system.

Planets In The Signs And Houses: Vedic Astrologer's Handbook, Vol. 2. BEHARI Bepin $14.95  The student of Vedic astrology will find every possible combination of the planets in signs & houses clearly explained this this book.

Predictive Planetary Periods - The Hindu Dasas. CAMERON Barbara  $15.95  Presents the predictive tools of Hindu Astrology in clear English. With lucid instructions & specific examples, this book has Tables of Hindu Dasas in an easy-to-use format.

Vedic Astrology - A Guide To The Fundamentals Of Jyotish DREYER Ronnie  $16.95  



Vocational Astrology

Astrology And Vocational Aptitude. VON KLOCKLER H. Baron $12.95  A translation, from German, of von Klockler's work in astrology after the first world war.

Astrology As A Business.  DOANE Doris C. $9.95  What to do and to avoid in establishing an Astrological practice.

How To Use Vocational Astrology For Sucess In The Workplace. TYL Noel - Editor $14.95  Seven expert astrologers present various ways to help clients with vocational choices & business decisions.

In Search Of A Fulfilling Career.  WICKENBURG Joanne  $14.95  A simple & concise guide to determining career aptitude from the natal chart. Focuses on the earth houses. Excellent.

Patterns Of Professions. DONATH Emma B. $11.95  This book represents the original research on what will prove to be a long-term look at the use of astrological patterns in vocational counseling.

Vocational Selection And Counseling, Vol. I.  DOANE Doris Chase $16.95  A guidebook for the professional astrologer who aims to help clients determinecareer directions, complete with tips on astrological counseling & business techniques.

Vocational Selection And Counseling, Vol. II.  DOANE Doris Chase $16.95  Shows how to synthesize the many varied horoscopic indicators of aptitude in order to help clients make careen choices.